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National Geographic Recognizes BSG’s FLAMINGO PREENING….[VOTE CLOSED]: Final Tally in their Daily Dozen Editor’s favorite images for September 12, 2016.. Thanks for your support.



Addendum: Final Tally: 10 behind second place image from Saudi Arabia and 24 more votes took top billing from Singapore. Considering the images and votes were from all around the world and chosen by National Geographic, I am honored to have been a part of the competition.

U. S. National Park Service Celebrates 100 Years Today

On August 25, 2016, the U. S. National Park Service turns 100 years old. By the Act of March 1, 1872, Congress established Yellowstone National Park in the Territories of Montana and Wyoming “as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people” and placed it

River of Fallen Trees

River of Fallen Trees, Yellowstone National Park, 2010

“under exclusive control of the Secretary of the Interior.” The founding of Yellowstone National Park began a worldwide national park movement. initially, these parks were run by various government agencies so No single agency provided unified management of the varied federal parklands. On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service, a federal bureau in the Department of the Interior

Bison BW_9750 600

Bison, King of the Mountain, Yellowstone National Park, WY 2010

responsible for protecting the 35 national parks and monuments then managed by the department and those yet to be established.

Over the years I have had the privilege of visiting several of these jewels. Yellowstone has so much diversity to offer. Its variety and abundance of wildlife; steaming, colorful, prismatic springs and gushing geysers to name a few. The Visitor Center at Old Faithful actually has a clock on the wall that notifies visitors of eruption times within a few minutes either way. Now… there’s an App for that….assuming you can get service in the Park, you can time your visits to make sure you capture an eruption.

So, Happy 100th to the National Park Service. Here’s wishing it many more centennials of protecting these magnificent, natural wonders. Here’s also hoping they are still around to be enjoyed by our children and our children’s children. For this folks… is Mother Nature at her absolute finest.

Meet me in St. Louis…at least my work.

St. Louis Fine Print Fair – May 6-8, 2016


30 Rock

 Touch the Sky, 30 Rock

Cab Ride in the Rain, NYC 2009

Cab Ride in the Rain, NYC

Seascapes 2 labeled

This weekend, from May 6 through May 8, is the 10th annual St. Louis Fine Print Fair Stop by the booth of photography addict/rep, Jeff Appel of Photography Past & Present, Missouri to see the work of some highly respected photographers as well as some terrific emerging artists.

Jeff works with many prestigious photographers such as Roger Ballen, Paul Caponigro, John Sexton, Jock Sturges, Roman Loranc and Alan Ross, who was Ansel Adam’s photographic assistant. Other artists such as Cole and Kim Weston, whose father was the famed 20th Century photographer Edward Weston, have created great work themselves. Finally, Jeff works with some talented emerging and/or mid-career artists such as Camille Seaman and…yes, Barry Steven Greff. The four images above will be available at the fair and many others can be viewed at So, “Meet me in St. Louis” (sort of) this weekend. Anyone interested in getting on the guest list can reach Jeff through his website or on FB at Friday night is a Silent Auction and Preview Party from 6-9 pm.

So if you happen to be in Ole St. Lou, stop by and see Jeff…and tell him Barry sent you.


Pelican / Near and Far / White and Brown

Pelican closeup_4663 1280

Brown Pelican Closeup, 2012

White Pelicans_0261

White Pelicans, Ding Darling National Park, Sanibel, FL 2010

Utilizing the same lens (Canon L 100-400mm) to capture two different angles.

The top image is a close-up of a Brown Pelican which requires specific detail of the birds feature’s to make it work. The bottom image, of White Pelicans on a sand bar was taken from afar and stands on its soft focus, which creates a painterly effect.

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Old Man’s Cave / More Falling Water

Old Mans cave _8006 418w

Cascade through Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, OH 2013

For more Black and White falling water, I go to this misty image of a hard flowing cascade through Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park Standing just past the safety barrier (don’t try this at home) to get the best composition, I held the tripod still on the slippery rocks as the thunderous water rushed past me and the rain fell.

Lucky to not lose any equipment (or my life), when you have the rare opportunity to find yourself in a special place like this, you have to make the most of it.

Additional images of this, and of surrounding areas, can be found at in the Portfolio entitled Magical Midwest.

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Rebuilding in Boulder / Granite Flow

Granite Flow

Granite Flow, Boulder, CO 2008

The image above was created at Boulder Falls, outside Boulder, CO during a light rain. The overcast weather created muted light to enable a tripod-assisted long exposure. The light rain accented the gray granite rocks through which the water cascaded.

After catastrophic flooding in and around the Boulder, CO area recently, the re-building efforts are taking place. The rising water destroyed homes, roads and communities in areas that serve as gateways to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Anyone wishing to help can do so at: .

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Bright Eyes / From the Series: OF THE WILD / Chimpanzee


Chimpanzee, 2010

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes),  from West and Central Africa are members of the Hominidae family, along with gorillas, humans and orangutans. This particular Chimp shows his age by the grey in his beard, but still has a bright fire in his eyes.

Males can grow to 5.5 feet and weigh up to 150 lbs. they live in large multiple-male and multiple-female social groups called communities. Social hierarchy’s exist within the community and are dictated by the position of an individual and their influence on others.

In 1960, Jane Goodall discovered that Chimpanzees used tools, and now it is believed that they have done so for some 4,000 years. Chimps communicate in a manner similar to human nonverbal communication, using vocalizations, hand gestures, and facial expressions. This one was clearly looking at me while I was looking at him.

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