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Best of 2013 / 10 Favorites from the Past Year

1 417 w Waterfall Milton closeup 7524 BW

Waterfall, Milton, OH 2013

2 HH Lower Falls_7963

Lower Falls, Hocking Hills, OH 2013

3  Deerfield Bch Vert_8066 Nik FINAL_edited-1

Ebb and Flow, Deerfield Beach FL 2013

4 Beautiful Storm US 27 Vert_6733

Thunder Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2013

5 Feral Cat Gray cat Green Eyes FINAL_0417_

Gray Cat, Green Eyes, 2013

6 Bird_2211_edited-1

Caracara, 2013

7 Flamingo Feather Fire_9970_

Flamingo Fire, 2013

8 July 4th BBT 5486_

July 4th Fireworks, 2013


Moon and Stars, 2013

10 NYC WTC Memorial 6050

Never Forget, 911 Memorial, 2013

Before it gets too much further into the new year, here are some of my favorites from 2013.

Looking forward to creating more in 2014.

Back to the Sea Again / Some Late 2013 Seascapes

Gilberts House of Refuge_FINAL 6267 800

Pink Sunset, Hutchinson Island, FL 2013

Gilberts House of Refuge FINAL_6506 800

Gilbert’s House of Refuge, Hutchinson Island, FL 2013

Dogfight on Beach FINAL_Sat 6596_800

Dog Fight, Hutchinson Island, FL 2013

Starting off the new year by posting some late 2013, unpublished Seascapes. My favorite beach to photograph is on Hutchinson Island, north of Palm Beach in Jensen Beach, Stuart, FL. With rock formations and regular high surf, in my humble opinion it is one of the best, if not the best, place to create seascapes in South Florida.

Here are some images that I captured there during the magic light of one 24 hour period.

In 2014, I’m sure I’ll be back to the sea… again.

P.S. My New Years resolution is to significantly increase the number of collectors of my Fine Art Prints. So…if you, or anyone you know is looking for iconic sea, land or cityscapes, or intimate portraits of animals or jellyfish…send them to or e-mail

Here’s to 2014.

Oldie but Goodie / Pier and Crescent Moon

Naples Pier and Crescent Moon_1090_Sat_edited-1

Sunset Pier and Crescent Moon, Naples, FL 2008

Although images of sunsets and silhouettes are all too common, tweaking the usual formula can result in something different.

In this image, the lavender sky was reflected in the long exposed soft movement of the Gulf of Mexico. Then, the thin slice of Crescent Moon just above the Pier helped make this sunset silhouette.. a little bit more distinct.

East and West / Sunset Seascapes

Sunset Dania Bxh vert_0032_FINAL

Dusk, Dania Beach, FL 2013

Sanibel Sunset Rocks Vert_6279

Sanibel Sunset, Sanibel-Captiva, FL 2013

In South Florida, the driving distance from the East to the West Coast is about 2 hours. In the East, the Atlantic Ocean routinely has bigger wave activity then it’s sister coast, which is the calmer, usually flat, Gulf of Mexico.

In these two particular Sunset Seascapes, the tidal activity is reversed with a calm Atlantic and an unusually rough Gulf tide. Both shot just after sunset, the reflected sunlit clouds show that, although the sun always sets in the West, Mother Nature does not play favorites.

On any given day she can provide you with a great show on either coast… You just have to be there to see what happens.

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Islands in the Sun / Florida Keys in Color and Black and White

Keys Island_0565_FINAL sat island

Island in the Sun, Florida Keys, FL 2012

Keys Two Trees_0861_BW

 Two Trees, Florida Keys, FL 2012

Heading south from Miami, the road eventually narrows  into just two lanes, north and south. The Overseas Highway is a 127.5 mile highway that carries  U.S. Route 1 from Homestead/Florida City south to Key West at the end. All along the way the road is surrounded by water, islands and wildlife.

Seen in countless movies (remember the limousine chase in Schwarzenegger’s True Lies) and the majority of television car commercials, the road through the keys is a unique and beautiful place to travel and photograph. And when you reach the end to Key West (AKA Margaritaville), you can enjoy, as Jimmy Buffet sang, a Cheeseburger in Paradise …or at least a slice of Key Lime Pie, which is as good as it gets and where it originated.


By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea / Dusk Seascapes

Deerfield Bch Vert_8066 Nik FINAL_edited-1

By the Sea, Deerfield Beach, FL 2013

Deerfield Bch Horiz 8023_Nik

Time and Tide Wait For No Man, Deerfield Beach, FL 2013

To create low light, dusk Seascapes such as these, you need: a.) patience, b.) a tripod), c.) a shutter release cable and d) bare feet. The patience is required to wait until just the right light, here, just after sunset. The tripod is a necessity to hold the camera steady to allow for a long exposure to capture the smooth motion of the ocean. The cable release adds an additional amount of steadiness when clicking the shutter. The bare feet are required because you will get wet, and you will sink into the sand as the tide ebbs and flows beneath you.

Here are some tips to avoid disaster, and hopefully capture a great image: a.) keep the camera strap around your neck in case somehow the camera becomes detached from the tripod (nothing worse than an SLR in sea water,) b.) aim one of the Tripod legs down towards the ocean so it remains somewhat steady as the surf comes in and goes out, c.) force the tripod legs deep into the sand (inevitably, it will still move with a big wave, but try to hold it down when that happens, d.) keep the shutter release cable high, (I lay it around my neck), so it won’t get wet dangling down, e.) pay attention to the waves in the background as well as the tide in the foreground to create a solid composition.

Do all of the above and you may come away with something great. Worse case scenario…there is no place better to find yourself as the sun sets on another day.

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Six Months from Sandy / Seascapes from a Superstorm

Coral Cove Sunrise Touch of Light Sandy Waves_9830_Nik_straight_edited-1

Touch of Light, Jupiter, FL 2012

On the six month anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, a couple images of her effect on the South Florida coastline as she headed north. Wishing a solid recovery to all those affected by the storm.

Coral Cove Sunrise TS Sandy_9809_FINAL_BW_edited-1

Crest and Crash, Jupiter, FL 2012

I Shoot Horses…Don’t I? / The Art of Equus

Horse in Snow 4296 Nik

Equine Snow Scene, Winter Park, CO 2007

The majestic Horse has been represented in Art since the days of prehistoric cave paintings. I am no expert in breeds and could not tell whether the animal in the above image was, in fact a horse, maybe a Bay, or even a mule, combination of horse and Donkey (anyone with a better idea, don’t hesitate to chime in). All I know is a picturesque scene when I see one, and this clearly fit the bill. Driving up the road toward a ranch near Winter Park just after a light snow, the beautiful brown coat and white back and eyes caught my attention.

The beauty and character of many equine subjects work extremely well in a Fine Art photograph. For me, the right composition (location of the animal in the scene) is key as are the details of the animal’s pose. The placement of the head, legs and even the tail can make or break an image. Patience is a virtue with horses. They usually stay in one area for a while unless they become curious and approach you  looking for food. In this case, the momentary lift of a seemingly painted head, with a body lightly covered with snow, created the perfect subject against the snow-covered trees.

Lone Horseman on Beach, WA

Lone Horseman on Beach, Pacific Northwest 2006

Sometimes less is more. This is an example of using negative space to create an ethereal image of an isolated subject. The lone horseman on this Pacific Northwest beach looked out to Sea in the morning fog.  The mountain range behind him can barely be seen, but became more evident as the fog lifted. Here, the horse and rider stand alone to signify peace and solitude. Again, timing is everything in that immediately after the image was created, the rider was gone and the fog soon lifted.

Back to the Sea…and it’s Changed / Dinner with a View

Blue Line Pier_7970_600w__edited-1

Blue Lines, Dania Beach, FL 2012

Having shot at this particular Pier many times over the years, there had long been an empty restaurant location at the beach end. In 2012 construction began on a new Restaurant. Shooting at sunset one night I noticed that they had installed some blue neon lighting near where the restaurant was being constructed and it eerily reflected blue lines on the surf below it.

Quarterdeck_9831 dark_600 w_

Dinner and a View, Dania Beach, FL 2013

At my most recent shoot at the location, the restaurant had been completed and was packed with diners. The Quarterdeck Restaurant at Dania Beach Pier, clearly offers Dinner and a View. It also changes a subject I have shot for a long time, opening up new possibilities for images… and great meals, in the future.

If you build it…they will come / BSG Solo Exhibition in NYC closes.

Manhattan Portrait_6448 2

Manhattan Portrait, Central Park, New York City, NY 2013

I would like to thank all of the people who came to my Solo Exhibition at 25 CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC these last few weeks. Some were good friends, family and people I have met in the photography world. Many others were individuals that came because they love Fine Art Photography. Special thanks to my collectors, past and future and to the legendary photographer Robert Farber who came to my Artist Reception. I have included some images of the event taken by talented wedding/event photographer Vik Manchada

As usual, while in NYC for the show, after the gallery doors close…I create. I will post some of my new Cityscapes here and going forward. As those that have now seen my work in person know, I am known for the detail in my images. Hence, in the image above, the tourist on the right side of the bridge is taking a photo of her smiling friend standing on the bridge as I am taking one of them…and the city beyond. I always look for the Big Picture.

25CPW 1_4498

Entrance to 25CPW Gallery at Central Park West and 62nd St. NYC, NY

25CPW 2

              BSG Artist Reception, January 10, 2013 at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, NY

25CPW 6

25CPW 21

BSG with legendary photographer, Robert Farber at BSG’s Artist Reception

25CPW 36

25CPW 47

25CPW 81

25CPW 7

Until the next show…Thanks again.

BSG Solo Exhibition at 25CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC


After participating in a group show at 25CPW Gallery in December, I am having a Solo Exhibition at the gallery. This coming Thursday, January 10, 2013 will be the Artist Reception from 6-9 pm. The Gallery is located on Central Park West at 62nd Street, one block north of Columbus Circle. Anyone that is in New York at the time is very welcome to come by. Additionally, there will be gallery hours from 12pm to 8pm that weekend.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Evan’s Team, a foundation created in memory of Evan Lieberman, an amazing young man we lost in a tragic car accident.

First Sunrise of 2013, Fort Lauderdale Beach. A Sign of Things to Come.

First Sunrise Ft Laderdale Beach 2013_4815_liteFirst Sunrise, January 1, 2013, 7:09 a.m., Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL 2013

Getting up some 5 hours after watching the ball drop in Times Square (on TV), I caught the first sunrise of 2013 from Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL, and even the seagull cooperated on this one.

Hoping this is a sign of good things to come in the New Year.

BSG Extends Exhibition at 25CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC

Of the Wild_7626 FINAL

Select images from the Series: Of the Wild at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

Atmosphere_3718 FINAL

Select images from the Series: Atmosphere at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

FLOW_4620 crop

Select images from the Series: FLOW at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

After initial participation in a group exhibition at 25CPW Gallery in NYC, the presentation of my work has been extended and the selection of images increased. For those that live in New York or happen to be vacationing there this week, the Gallery is at street level on the northwest corner of Central Park West and West 62nd Street. 25CPW is located just one block north of Columbus Circle which features the Time Warner Building and Trump International at the corner of Central Park West and Central Park South.

Situated in one of the most exclusive sections of New York City, my work is currently the only artwork featured at the gallery through the New Year and can be seen through both the Central Park West and West 62nd Street picture windows. To announce the exhibition, 25CPW’s website currently showcases my signature image, Niagara and contains the contact information for gallery hours and appointments.

GALLERY HOURS: The Gallery will be openWednesday (12/26) 5-8pm; Thursday 5-8pm; Friday 5-9pm; Saturday 3-9pm.

Thanks to Bess Greenberg, Founder/Curatorial Director; Abby Verbosky, Manager of Exhibitions and Matt Slater, who hung the exhibition, photographed it and will be at the Gallery showing the work.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

Closing Out 2012 in Grand Style – BSG Exhibiting @ 25CPW Gallery/NYC

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

Closing out 2012 in grand style. I will be exhibiting work at 25CPW, the great New York City gallery located at Central Park West and West 62nd Street. Bess Greenberg, Founder/Curatorial Director and Abby Verbosky, Manager of Exhibitions run the gallery which has recently held a 100 year celebration of Editta Sherman’s celebrity portraits that was covered by ABC News and the New York Times. They have also mounted exhibits with the Magnum Foundation, the New York Camera Club and continue to show the work of established and emerging artists.

The Artist’s Market group exhibition will run from Thursday night through Sunday night. Gallery hours are 12 pm to 8 pm, with an Artist’s Reception Saturday night with live music from 6pm to 9pm (gallery will close at 10:00 pm).

I hope that all my NYC friends and anyone else that might like to see some interesting work, will stop by. Thank You.

Under the Boardwalk Exhibited at FotoWeek DC in Washington DC

Under the Boardwalk, Deerfield Beach, FL (2010)

My Black and White image Under the Boardwalk is currently being exhibited during the FotoWeek DC festival in Washington DC from November 9-18, 2012. Created at night while I was positioned under the pier, the biggest challenge was capturing the long exposure to soften the water and then grabbing my tripod and camera before getting soaked from the incoming waves. This image was previously exhibited at the former Camera Obscura Gallery which was owned by the great photographer and gallerist, Hal Gould in Denver, Colorado.

Whether through fine art photography, photojournalism, or the work of emerging artists, FotoDC provides a dynamic, evocative, engaging experience for photographers, cultural institutions, galleries, curators, schools, area residents, and tens of thousands of viewers. Founded as FotoWeekDC in 2008, the weeklong photography festival initially attracted 20,000 participants; including professional and amateur photographers, photography lovers, and partners such as National Geographic, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, and various local art galleries.  In 2009, the organization received non-profit status and began developing programs to include professional development and new exhibition venues. In response to demand for year-round programming, FotoWeek DC rebranded in 2011 to become FotoDC, and launched new programs to provide greater exposure for all photographers, new venues for exhibitions and new programs for students and youth. The annual Festival in November continues to be FotoDC’s largest project with over 40,000 attendees each year.

One Man’s Tragedy…is Another Man’s Treasure / Art of a Superstorm

 A Sign of Things to Come, Deerfield Beach, FL 2012

 Collateral Breakers, Coral Cove Park, Tequesta, FL 2012

From personal experience I understand and sympathize with those affected by the recent Superstorm Sandy. Living in South Florida I survived the outskirts of Hurricane Andrew and a ground zero hit from Hurricane Wilma. I know what it is to re-build and that it takes years to reach “normalcy” because of the enormity of the situation.

So, when I am lucky enough to have a storm go by without it being a direct hit, I am drawn to the ocean and get as close to it as possible in order to photograph the Seascapes it creates. That’s exactly what I did to commemorate my 55th Birthday last week. We headed to the beach to see what Sandy was packing and walked out onto the Deerfield Pier where only the heartiest fisherman braved the powerful winds and fierce intermittent rain squalls. We were out at the Pier’s end as the wind and rain bands blasted away from the storm and toward the beach, causing the fisherman to crouch in front of the wooden benches for some, albeit limited, cover. The force of the wind was so strong that I had to hold on to the railings to anchor myself while trying to capture focused images without destroying my camera. Blocking the rain with my body and covering my camera with plastic, my rain coat, and a now demolished umbrella, I caught the first image above, A Sign of Things to Come. Although this definitely lets you appreciate the power of Mother Nature, we are quite experienced in these storms and (hopefully) know the limits of what is safe… so definitely don’t try this at home.

As for the second image above, we followed the storm as it traveled north and photographed the sunrise at Coral Cove Park in Tequesta, Florida on Jupiter Island By then the storm was creating 20 foot waves that could be seen breaking farther out to sea than any of the locals had ever witnessed before. Later in the day we had to leave the beach on Hutchinson Island because the winds were so strong the pelting sand stung like BBs. I knew it was time to leave when my 6′, 200 lb. (plus) body was being lifted off the ground.

After feeling the effects of the outskirts of the storm, I did send notice to those in my social network stratosphere of how powerful she was, even from hundreds of miles out to sea. Clearly, it was a sign of things to come.

For me, this storm allowed for the creation of some treasured images …while for so many others it caused such great tragedy.

You can donate to Red Cross Hurricane Relief at

The Solitary Reader – California Coast

The Reader, California Coast 2009

While shooting along the California coast, we came across this scene out of an old painting. The Reader was deep into her book as the sea birds and sea lions played off shore.

If this doesn’t say solitary, I don’t know what does (except, of course for the photographer behind her creating the image).

P.S. I am trying this post, for the “Solitary” theme for WordPress’s Post a Day. @postaday

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Sea Design – Oregon Coast / EQUIVALENTS Exhibition opens in Seattle

Sea Design, Bandon, Oregon 2009

Pinnacles in the Mist, Olympic Peninsula, WA 2006

My blog posts are often inspired by current world events or my own personal observations and experiences. Most recently, a phone call to one of my best college buddies, wherein he told me he was off to Oregon, inspired a post on…Oregon. His son was ending a cross-country bike trek there to benefit affordable housing in the U.S. A great effort for a great cause deserves our attention…and contribution.

As for the first image, from a casual seaside hotel I captured this scenic Black and White image of the pinnacles at Bandon Beach, Oregon. Having walked amongst the rocks during low tide, once the sea came back in it created this beautiful design along the beach.

The second scene, which was previously posted, I came across unexpectedly as I climbed atop a large pile of petrified wood that had floated ashore over time. Catching the fog, just before it lifted, this image captures the sole of this beautiful location.

A magnificent part of the country, the scenery and the local seafood alone make this area a great place to visit. The fact that you can find sand dunes, granite cliffs, pinnacles and old growth forest, all within a few hours drive of each other on the coast, in my humble opinion, makes this the greatest road trip in America.

P.S. GALLERY OPENING: As indicated in this PDN Photoserve News item at:, the Equivalents exhibition at the PhotoCenter NW Gallery in Seattle, WA opened this weekend. From over 2,000 entries, my image “Niagara” was juried into the exhibition by the legendary Curator and Collector, W.M. Hunt (who will speak on opening night at the Seattle Art Museum). The show will run from August 3rd to September 18th, 2012. (see image 61 of 65 on the Gallery website).

Catching the Sunset … for Commerce and Fine Art

Catching the Sunset, Bradenton, FL 2012

Sunset and Rusted Pier, Bradenton, FL 2012

Previously I indicated that I don’t usually shoot the sun during sunsets. There is an exception to every rule and some sunsets are just made to be photographed. Such was the case on this recent summer evening. The color, shape and design of the setting sun begged to be shot. Using the old, rusted pier as a reference I captured this classic end of day image. The fisherman seemingly catching the sun as it set in the first, more commercial image, was an added bonus.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… and Visitors to the Blog

Torch, Louisville, KY 2009

In 1870, the French writer Jules Verne depicted the undersea world he saw within his mind’s eye in the classic novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. In my work I strive to depict the mysteries of the deep through my jellyfish portraits, and capture and exhibit that which I see in my own mind’s eye topside.

Since launching this blog I have enjoyed a very loyal, and steadily growing readership. Using the Verne analogy, I wanted to express my gratitude for the now 20,000 visits to the Blog, Adventures from Behind the Glass. Only in cyberspace can you have so many visitors to your home, and not have to worry about cleaning the carpets.

I appreciate the support of those that have been here from the start as well as the new followers that join the adventure after each post. I will strive to continually post new images, which I hope exhibit the wonderment described by the 20,000 Leagues narrator Professor Pierre Aronnax as he detailed the adventures of Captain Nemo and friends when he said: “A strange twilight world opened up before me, and I felt as the first man to set foot on another planet, an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep.” To describe the feeling I have when creating images, I couldn’t have said it better myself, not even 142 years later.

Everything Coming Together – Classic Lighthouse Image

Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, CA 2009

Many individual factors go into making a strong, classic image and I strive to make every part of the photograph count. Here, after composing the northern California scene, I paid specific attention to the details within the frame, the breaking waves, catching the revolving lighthouse beam, the background clouds emphasizing the building and even a good location for the bird flying by. Everything comes together to create a timeless sunset seascape.

My only regret with this scene, was leaving too early to catch a great local seafood dinner before the restaurant closed. I have long since envisioned what I could have created after the sun had set, smoothing out the water and utilizing the light beaming from the lighthouse. I guess I’ll have to go back…some day.

Rock Island – Ethereal Seascape

Rock Island, Deerfield Beach, FL 2010

An outcropping of rocks is surrounded by water during a high tide at dusk. With few areas featuring natural rock formations to choose from on the South Florida coast, this beach in Deerfield is my go to spot to capture the interaction of land and sea. The rocks are utilized to minimize the natural beach erosion and are periodically replenished by the municipality as needed.

This ethereal seascape exhibits solidity, yet isolation and reminds me of the lyrics from the Simon and Garfunkel song…I am a rock, (I am an island.)

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Happy Earthday Mother Re-Posted for 2012

Mother Earth, 2011

(For best viewing, watch on You Tube at full screen, 720p resolution, depending on your system. If the video doesn’t play correctly, choose a lower resolution. All selections are bottom/right.)

      If, for any reason you have trouble viewing, here is the direct link. 

A year ago, when the blog was still new, I posted this three minute video to celebrate Earth Day. Now that I have a much larger viewership, I am re-posting the video (and the accompanying text) for Earth Day 2012…

By now, I hope it is clear that my landscape images seek to capture the spectacular natural beauty that still exists on Earth. To further that goal, and celebrate Earth Day, I am posting a 3 minute multimedia piece entitled: “Mother Earth.” This compilation of some of my sea and landscape images is accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful music track: “Willow and the Light” by gifted musician, Kevin Macleod. If possible, throw on some headphones and/or turn up the volume to fully appreciate the sounds of nature as well as the ethereal music… popcorn is optional.

In this presentation I emphasize the striking beauty that still exists on Mother Earth, the urgent need to conserve and protect her, and the dire consequences of failing to do so.

It is my hope that you enjoy the piece, and in some small way, it shines a light on the critical choices we need to make to protect and preserve the planet…and that we choose wisely.

Mystic Cliffs – West Coast Cliffs Shrouded in Mist

Mystic Cliffs, Carlsbad, CA 2008

In my quest to create ethereal sea and landscapes, I found myself atop a seaside road one misty morning near Carlsbad, California. Looking south along the shore, the cliffs that jutted out to sea were shrouded in mist. Waiting for the right wave to complete the composition, this image further exemplifies the spectacular scenery on the west coast of the United States and why it is a good idea for photographers to get up early.

It’s Not the Camera, But Who is Behind it – Dusk on the Maine Coast

Days End, New England, 2004

As a follow-up to my last post, here is another example of a unique composition that works, this one was created just before sunset along the rocky Maine coast. On a rare occasion, as here, I will crop an image slightly to better balance it. Since this was some early work, and having honed my compositional skills since then, I don’t often need to crop any more.

This is also an example of how beautiful lighting, here at the end of the day, makes or breaks an image. I always monitor the times for sunset (if not the sunrise), there are actually many apps for that. When I am shooting, I always try to be somewhere interesting just prior to sunset and plan to stay thereafter, because that is clearly the photographic magic hour.

Finally, although having a good camera is important, it is more important whose hands the camera is in. This image was shot on my first digital camera, a Canon Rebel, which featured 6.3 mega pixels. At the time, this would have been the entry level, consumer camera which I used to determine whether I would make the switch to digital. I have many remarkable images from this camera. Although they can’t be printed as large as those from a 21 mega pixel Canon 5D Mark II, they are still beautiful and show that the shooter is more important than his or her equipment.

Rainbow Sunset – Everglades City

Rainbow & Dock, Everglades City, FL 2009

Heading south from Naples, Florida along the southwest coast, one of the last populated areas (1,000 residents in 2011) is Everglades City. Known for stone crabs and environmental touring of the area, it is the northwest entry into Everglades National Park. On this particular summer evening I interrupted a casual waterfront dinner to capture this rare combination of rainbow and sunset.

  Sunset at the Docks, Everglades City, FL 2009

Rainbows come and go within a matter of minutes and are best captured as soon as they are seen (and preferably with a polarizing filter to bring out the colors). Additionally, the fleeting magic hour (actually sometimes just minutes) following sunset, often provides spectacular lighting for creating beautiful land and seascapes, but is also soon just a (hopefully recorded) memory.

Happy Valentines Day – A Moment To Remember

A  Moment To Remember, South Beach, FL 2011

For Valentines Day, I have taken the liberty of bringing back an image I posted a year ago entitled: A Moment to Remember. Standing on the rock jetty between South Beach and Government Cut, this couple was so moved by the grandeur of the passing cruise ship that they  turned and embraced for a passionate kiss. For them, it was clearly a moment to remember, one that I was very fortunate to capture.

Light from a Peer (And That’s Not a Typo) – Dania Beach Seascape

Light From a Pier, Dania Beach, FL 2012

A few weeks ago I attended the annual Fotofusion at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in West Palm Beach, FL The Centre itself is a place to see the work of some of the photographic greats, ie. Kirkland, Erwitt, Tenneson, etc. (I had prints exhibited in their Museum in 2010). You can also attend seminars and meet some of the most important people in the photography world. That being the case, I recently had the priviledge of showing my work to Robert Pledge, the president and one of the founders of Contact Press Images His enthusiasm and supportive words were so greatly appreciated.

As if that were not enough, I also had the opportunity to show my prints to Joyce Tenneson, who is considered one of the most prolific photographers of our time. Our paths had briefly crossed before when she had seen my work in NYC and then juried three of my images into a Gallery Exhibition in Ft. Lauderdale. Having Joyce Tenneson suggest that you are a great photographer, is akin to Robert Deniro or Meryl Streep saying you are a great actor. She clearly made my ….decade. Her generosity of spirit is well-known in the industry and I have been very fortunate to have experienced it on more than one occasion.

To have such significant praise and encouragement from those that you respect so much, is clearly warm, and wonderful light…from a peer.

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Starting 2012 Off Right – 3 Images in Black White Exhibition at C4fap

           Touch the Sky, 30 Rock, NYC 2009                           Beaded Web, Weston, FL 2011

      Moonlit Sailboats, Coconut Grove, FL 2010

Starting off 2012 right, with three images chosen for the Black & White Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado. The exhibition was juried by Susan Spiritus of the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, CA

Susan Spiritus has been a leader in the field of fine art photography for over thirty years, opening the doors to her Southern California gallery in 1976 so that she could share her passion for photography with others. Today, the gallery handles the work of over fifty artists including photographic luminaries Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard and André Kertész. Also represented are many of today’s most popular and award-winning contemporary artists including Roman Loranc, Camille Seaman and Hiroshi Watanabe.

In addition to these three images (which have each individually appeared in prior blog posts here), Ms. Spiritus had previously chosen my image Moonscape, Matlacha, FL 2007 for the 2010 Dreams exhibition. This also marks the fifth exhibition in which my work has appeared at the Center for Fine Art Photography.

Catching a Wave – South Beach Seascape

Catching a Wave, South Beach, FL 2012

Rotating the camera on the tripod to the south from the last posted image (South Beach Blues), you find the rocks that mark the entry to South Florida’s Government Cut. Both Cruise and Container ships enter and leave the Port of Miami from this accessway.

As the incoming surf crashes against the rock jetty, a large wave is seemingly “caught” by a fishing pole perfectly positioned to make… the catch of the day.

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