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BSG Extends Exhibition at 25CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC

Of the Wild_7626 FINAL

Select images from the Series: Of the Wild at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

Atmosphere_3718 FINAL

Select images from the Series: Atmosphere at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

FLOW_4620 crop

Select images from the Series: FLOW at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

After initial participation in a group exhibition at 25CPW Gallery in NYC, the presentation of my work has been extended and the selection of images increased. For those that live in New York or happen to be vacationing there this week, the Gallery is at street level on the northwest corner of Central Park West and West 62nd Street. 25CPW is located just one block north of Columbus Circle which features the Time Warner Building and Trump International at the corner of Central Park West and Central Park South.

Situated in one of the most exclusive sections of New York City, my work is currently the only artwork featured at the gallery through the New Year and can be seen through both the Central Park West and West 62nd Street picture windows. To announce the exhibition, 25CPW’s website currently showcases my signature image, Niagara and contains the contact information for gallery hours and appointments.

GALLERY HOURS: The Gallery will be openWednesday (12/26) 5-8pm; Thursday 5-8pm; Friday 5-9pm; Saturday 3-9pm.

Thanks to Bess Greenberg, Founder/Curatorial Director; Abby Verbosky, Manager of Exhibitions and Matt Slater, who hung the exhibition, photographed it and will be at the Gallery showing the work.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

Closing Out 2012 in Grand Style – BSG Exhibiting @ 25CPW Gallery/NYC

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

Closing out 2012 in grand style. I will be exhibiting work at 25CPW, the great New York City gallery located at Central Park West and West 62nd Street. Bess Greenberg, Founder/Curatorial Director and Abby Verbosky, Manager of Exhibitions run the gallery which has recently held a 100 year celebration of Editta Sherman’s celebrity portraits that was covered by ABC News and the New York Times. They have also mounted exhibits with the Magnum Foundation, the New York Camera Club and continue to show the work of established and emerging artists.

The Artist’s Market group exhibition will run from Thursday night through Sunday night. Gallery hours are 12 pm to 8 pm, with an Artist’s Reception Saturday night with live music from 6pm to 9pm (gallery will close at 10:00 pm).

I hope that all my NYC friends and anyone else that might like to see some interesting work, will stop by. Thank You.

Ascending to New Heights in 2012 – from the FLOW Jellyfish Series

Ascension, Louisville, KY 2009

From  the series FLOW which has garnered a great deal of attention up to and including 2011, this image is entitled Ascension and seems to best exemplify the anticipation of reaching new heights in the coming year. Here’s hoping that 2012 rises to all our expectations.

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BSG Featured in SHUTTERBUG Magazine

SHUTTERBUG Magazine has long been a trusted resource for everything photographic, in print and on-line This month’s print magazine cover (October issue) features a portrait by renowned photographer Steve McCurry which he shot on the last roll of Kodachrome film ever manufactured. Inside the magazine, there is a monthly column featuring select photography web site profiles. This issue’s article entitled: “Exploring Global Villages: Inspiring Images and Image-Makers” features my site Written by Joe Farace who is a widely published Colorado-based photographer and author of more than 30 books and 1900+ magazine stories, I have taken the liberty of re-printing it verbatim here:

“Barry Steven Greff’s photography is showcased in an elegantly designed website from Foliolink ( The site appears one way on my desktop computer and another, better I think, incarnation on my iPad, where captions and other
information appear as well. Images are arranged in four portfolios and Atmosphere displays images representing the majesty of nature, especially his monochrome image of Niagara Falls photographed like you’ve never seen it before. It’s a quiet allegory of the power of nature vs. the insignificance of humankind. It’s one of his few images that have people and here they are infinitesimal in size compared to the roar – you can almost hear it while looking at the photograph – of the falls.

Most of these images are in powerful black and white but when Greff uses color, it’s to make a point. The Classics portfolio may contain some of his classics but never fails to dazzle with understated yet inherently graceful attempts at depicting nature. Unlike the previous portfolios, Spirit & Light contains a few urban images made in New York City and, while wildly incongruous next to his nature images, are appealing in a completely different way. His image made through a car window could have easily been a still image from the film Taxi Driver, with all the connotations that come along with it. In Of the Wild, Greff has created portraits of all kinds of animals from eagles to peacocks to gorillas. This represents an entirely different body of work, separate from his landscapes, that nevertheless shows how a talented photographer confronted by a
different genre rises to the occasion. He’s created insightful works of great authority and style. “


Illusion, Louisville, KY 2009

When I captured my first jellyfish portrait many years ago, I believed that I had created something unique. I decided then that this would be an ongoing series entitled FLOW and that I would add images whenever I found myself within a reasonable distance of any aquarium with a jellyfish display. Over the years I honed my skills and adjusted my techniques depending on the lighting and subjects available. As my series increased in size, so did the recognition. Images from FLOW were published internationally in the 2009 Silvershotz Fine Art Journal out of Brisbane and London. They were exhibited in Atlanta’s beautiful and spacious Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery and then in the Atlanta Showcase. Images from the series have been featured in COLOR for Collectors of Fine Photography and juried into a gallery exhibition by Joyce Tenneson, one of the most respected photographers of our time. Prior to closing Camera Obscura Gallery this year after 30 years in Denver, owner Hal Gould chose to display work from the FLOW series on the same walls that routinely exhibited legendary masters such as Sebastião Salgado, Edward Curtis, Jock Sturges, Edward Steichen and Yousuf Karsh, just to name a few. Images from FLOW have appeared on-line as PDN’s Photo of the Day, and went viral when chosen for WordPress’s Freshly Pressed and

This month, Illusion, from the series, was juried for gallery exhibition (and chosen Best of Category) by Wendy M. Blazier, a published art historian, arts writer, and veteran museum administrator who, since 2001, has served as Senior Curator of the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Boca Raton, Florida Illusion will be on display at the Artists Haven Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale throughout the month of August

It seems that the success of this series has been anything but…an Illusion.

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Through the Roof.

                    Split, Louisville, KY 2009                             Illusion, Louisville, KY 2009

Due to popular response, as mentioned below, here are a couple more jellyfish images from the series: FLOW. “Split” has been exhbited in Galleries in Denver and Ft. Lauderdale, featured in COLOR magazine and as PDN’s Photo of the Day. Starting with the next post, I will go back to mixing it up with images from various Portfolios to keep things fresh.

Almost as much as creating my images, I enjoy showing them. When I started this Blog a couple of months ago, my goal was to share my work with as many people as possible. Slowly, but surely, visitors came and thankfully, my readership has been steadily increasing.

Then, this past Friday morning, the great people at WordPress ( featured Adventures From Behind the Glass on their “Freshly Pressed” page, chosen from some 365,579 bloggers that day. As it happens, I was off-line Friday until about 6 pm when I turned on my laptop to check the Blog and realized the visitor count had gone ballistic. Eventually, it became apparent that I had been Freshly Pressed and the response was overwhelming. Between FP and a subsequent nod from I have been fortunate to have more than 6,000 visitors view my work in the last 3 days. (Not bad for a guy who believes that “winning” is being lucky enough to have one goddess in your life).

So, thank you to the staff for the great exposure. I have also received assistance from many people that have helped me exhibit my photography to those that wish to see it. My Blog Roll consists of knowledgeable and influential people in the photographic industry, many of whom I have crossed paths with and from each I have learned something. I have had the privilege of exhibiting in many of the Galleries and being published in many of the Publications listed. In addition to the other  terrific people I have worked with on the list, extraordinary editor Paula Gillen ( has, for some time now, helped me make the tough decisions as to which of my images to showcase and when. Finally, social media dynamo Allison Zavos of Featureshoot ( has been instrumental in helping me build and expose this Blog, the readership of which has now, gratefully, gone…through the roof.

Go with the Flow.

Downward Spiral, Chicago, IL 2006                          Natural Design, Monterey, CA 2004

In 2004 I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. One of the most compelling features of this living shrine to marine life was the magnificent jellyfish tank with floor to ceiling glass panels. The Pacific Nettle jellies undulated around the tank with mesmerizing grace and beauty. I was immediately struck by the artistic nature of the species’ form. I set out to capture an intimate portrait of a single jelly by freezing it’s motion, a difficult task considering the low light and constant movement.

This was to be the first of many such portraits. In addition to finding animals to photograph during landscape shoots, I routinely find the closest aquarium that houses jellyfish. The Shedd in Chicago, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and the Newport in Louisville, KY, just to name a few.

Images from this ongoing series, which is entitled FLOW, have been exhibited in numerous Gallery Exhibitions throughout the United States and have appeared in publications such as COLOR Magazine and Silvershotz Fine Art Journal, Brisbane/London. Recently one of my jellyfish portraits was featured in PDN’s Photo of the Day, to correspond with the opening of an exhibition at Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver, CO.

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