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Colors of the City / Broadway Lights

Cab Ride in the Rain, NYC 2009

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

The Night Belongs to Phantom 600

Tonight Belongs to Phantom, NYC 2008

Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway 9922

Don’t Let the Lights Go Out on Broadway, NYC 2012

As a photographer, even one whose first love is nature, I never could walk around the streets of Manhattan at night without a camera. The constant motion of the yellow cabs, the continuously changing mega screens in Times Square and  even the lit billboards, create a canvas of possibiities to make a great image come to life. Cab Ride, shot from the back seat of a Yellow Cab as the CNN cast scrolled by, took several drives around the corner to get just what I was looking for.

Phantom was much easier to shoot as long as I avoided being run over by any one of the various forms of NYC’s transportation vehicles such as taxis, limos, or tricked out bicycle chariot/rickshaws.

Finally, being able to spread out tripod legs and use a long lens allowed me to capture an electrician repairing a single light amongst millions in the heart of Times Square. Timing the capture was critical to its composition because the images on the screens changed every few seconds. Clearly, this man’s job was to make sure… the lights don’t go out on Broadway (nod to Billy Joel).






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Movin On Up to the City…

30 Rock

30 Rock, Touch the Sky, NYC, NY 2009

Atlas In Snow, NYC, NY

Atlas in Snow, Rockefeller Center, NYC 2009

1 Essex House_ 4063_418 w

Essex House, NYC, NY 2012

Although my first love is creating images of nature, even in the City,  I can’t put my camera down. Notwithstanding, I tend to bring some nature into my Cityscapes, to contrast the natural elements with the man made subjects

Cases in point, the first two New York City images were created during some beautiful weather (fog, then snow) while the third was shot through Central Park trees after closing hours of one of my exhibitions in NYC.

Hence, whether I’m movin on out, or movin on up, there is always something to shoot when you keep your eyes open …and don’t put your camera away, no matter how bad the weather gets (just make sure it’s covered if required.)..That’s for another story








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Note to Santa_7015 1000

Note for Santa, 2013


No studio, no lights…just me, my camera and the right moment.

Probably one of the last images I had taken for some time now.

I know what is on my wishlist.

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Rainy Night Dock / Weather or Not, Expect the Unexpected

Rain Dock Soft_1443

Rainy Night Dock, Deerfield Beach, FL 2014

I haven’t posted for a while, because I have been laid up due to a couple of surgeries. When I do post, I often look for an image that relates to an event, season or mood I am in at the time. Although I actually enjoy inclement weather personally, and for photography, a dreary, rainy night sums up my situation (and has for some time).

On one of the last nights I had actually been able to go out to dinner, a casual dockside dining experience was cut short by a South Florida rain storm. Although the outdoor patio was closed to diners, I used a bit of an overhang to capture a moody image of the scene. The rain was so intense, it was blowing the door closed and I was barely able to shoot without my camera getting soaked. Notwithstanding, sometimes the worst conditions can result in the best images. Using a soft filter and shooting the scene in black and white, I like to think I created a moody, timeless image from a scene that many would avoid.

Moral of the story, don’t let some unexpected weather keep you from creating something….  unexpected.

Twin Towers – 9/11 – Never Forgotten – Remembering and Rebuilding

Twin Towers BW Nik

Twin Towers, Never Forget

Unable to Post my usual 9/11 tribute yesterday, better late than never, I do so today. Three of my own fond memories of the Towers include this (never before published) pre-digital image I took from a New Jersey hotel room; having an elegant business dinner at the Windows on the World and a wonderful tourist visit with my buddy JC and Goddaughter Ari.

To say that the buildings, their occupants and the first responders will never be forgotten…is an understatement for the ages.

10 NYC WTC Memorial 6050

                                                             WTC Memorial, NYC 2013

Here in their place, as I have posted before, the WTC Memorial and new One World Trade Center tower rising to the Heavens, to always remind us of our loss….and our determined spirit to rebuild.

WTC_Tower One 6009_edited-1

Rising to the Heavens, One World Trade Center 2013

Happy July 4th / Independence Day 2015

July 4_2014 3332 FINAL Nik

Light Up the Sky, Independence Day, Sunrise, FL 2014

Not having been creating much new work lately, I re-post this image from last year with a more specific explanation of how it was made.

Using a tripod and opening and closing the camera shutter, I caught various single July 4th Fireworks bursts as the rockets took off and exploded. This Composite image was created in post production from six or more different sets of explosions from the same overall display, but captured minutes apart..

The colored lines on the bottom of the image are the streaking headlights of vehicles driving by the celebration.

Here’s looking forward to more independence (for me) to shoot…some day soon.

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