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Back to the City / Essex House

1 Essex House_ 4063_418 w

Essex House, NYC, 2012

After the Gallery hosting my Solo Exhibition in NYC closed for the night, I grabbed my camera and hit the streets.

Shot from Central Park, this was a new take on a classic hotel, and has become a great addition to my series: Cityscapes. Other images in the series can be viewed at:

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Presidents Day 2014

Lincoln Memorial BW Antique

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 2005

Capitol Snow


Denver Capitol in Snow, CO 2008

All the news about extreme weather in the Northeast and Midwest, got me thinking about images I have created in snow over the years.

With that in mind, as well as the constant barrage of political news, here is an image that combines the two but represents an example of a(n image of) Government…that actually works. The added fog is a metaphor for, …well you know.

Best of 2013 / 10 Favorites from the Past Year

1 417 w Waterfall Milton closeup 7524 BW

Waterfall, Milton, OH 2013

2 HH Lower Falls_7963

Lower Falls, Hocking Hills, OH 2013

3  Deerfield Bch Vert_8066 Nik FINAL_edited-1

Ebb and Flow, Deerfield Beach FL 2013

4 Beautiful Storm US 27 Vert_6733

Thunder Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2013

5 Feral Cat Gray cat Green Eyes FINAL_0417_

Gray Cat, Green Eyes, 2013

6 Bird_2211_edited-1

Caracara, 2013

7 Flamingo Feather Fire_9970_

Flamingo Fire, 2013

8 July 4th BBT 5486_

July 4th Fireworks, 2013


Moon and Stars, 2013

10 NYC WTC Memorial 6050

Never Forget, 911 Memorial, 2013

Before it gets too much further into the new year, here are some of my favorites from 2013.

Looking forward to creating more in 2014.

Happy Holidays from Barry Steven Greff

Whether you are in the COUNTRY, or the CITY…

Lit Tree, Winter Park_2

Lit Tree, Winter Park CO 2007


Ornaments Color 585 w

Ornaments, New York City, 2012

Lightning Strikes Twice / Bringing the Heat

Lightning Hollywood Lake BW High Structure_0240_edited-1

Strike Right, Hollywood, FL 2013

An uncommon late November lightning storm reminded me of how much I enjoy capturing lightning strikes. Unlike many other photographers that shoot lightning, rather than simply concentrating on the bolts themselves, I seek to make the strikes an integral part of the composition of the image. In order to do this it is essential to monitor the storm, its direction and the timing between flashes. Since Florida storms tend to move quickly, all of the above needs to be done quickly, and safely. The image above was captured from across the North Lake in Hollywood, Florida after the height of the regular summer lightning storms.

Fl Everglades Lightning FINAL

Lightning, Florida Everglades 2010

Following a storm approaching through the Florida Everglades, I captured this scene with bolts on both sides of the tree as the storm moved. At night, as in the Hollywood image, a tripod and remote cable release allow you to leave the shutter open in order to capture the strike. In the Everglades image, it was still daytime and without a Lightning Trigger (that captures lightning during the day), I had to improvise. Counting seconds between strikes I was able to capture three different bolts in separate images as the storm moved. The black vultures in the tree were unfazed by the strikes and were an added bonus in the final images.

Luckily for me, lightning strikes… more than twice.

The Big Apple / Manhattan in Monochrome


Waiting Driver, NYC, NY 2013

NYC Boat Ropes and Building 5647

Lines, South Street Seaport, NYC, NY 2013

NYC The Plaza Shield BW _6481

The Plaza, NYC, NY 2013

NYC Model and Walker_6529

Walking 5th Avenue, NYC, NY 2013

It’s been a long time since my boys and I used to hang out in the city as kids. From Elmont we would walk to the Arnold Palmer’s Dry Cleaners and catch a bus to the train station. Change at Jamaica and next stop, the Big Apple. Now, some of them live in the City and I have visited many times over the years.

During those visits I always try to bring back images of New York City.. as I see it. Here are a few I created while in Manhattan for my Gallery Exhibition.

911 Memorial / We Shall Never Forget

NYC WTC Memorial 6050

Never Forget, 911 Memorial, NYC 2103

WTC Memorial Waterfall_6032

Waterfall, 911 Memorial, NYC 2013

WTC_Tower One 6009_edited-1

To Heaven, Tower One, World Trade Center, NYC 2013

Having visited the 911 Memorial after my NYC Gallery exhibition, I can attest to the beauty, serenity and reverence one feels at the location. The landscape images of the Memorial show how the beautiful waterfalls cascade into the exact footprints where the buildings stood.

The image of the new Tower One reaching into the heavens… speaks for itself. Lest we never forget.

Magic in the Sky / Rainbow Flight


Rainbow Flight_0233_FINAL Nik

                                                  Rainbow Flight, Weston, FL 2013

(It seems the image above was not showing for a while, so I re-posted it… must have had something to do with the ghostly light).

One evening as the sun set, looking up into the sky there appeared a rainbow from the refracted light. The eerie glow stayed in one spot for several minutes and in that time a passenger plane flew directly through it, at least from my angle.

I captured the image just as the plane flew through the rainbow (no Photoshop here). I wonder what the scene must have looked like…from inside the plane.

The Fine Art of Fireworks / July 4th 2013

July 4th Fireworks BBT_5470

July 4th Fireworks BBT_5433

July 4th Fireworks BBT_5360

July 4th Fireworks BBT 5422_

July 4th Fireworks BBT 5408

July 4th Fireworks BBT 5386

July 4th BBT 5486_

                            Independence Day Display, BB&T Center, Sunrise, FL 2013

After moving way back last year to see many displays at once (see my previous post, Full Moon and Fireworks), this year we moved back in and concentrated on one great display. The BB&T Center (where the Florida Panthers play hockey) hosts a July 4th Party that ends with a great fireworks display.

After being ordered away from the launch site by Sunrise’s Finest, we settled on a location further North and I used a long lens to get close to the bursts. This is my Fine Art take on what I saw. I look forward to printing them and offering  three or four together to add beauty and color to any residential or commercial space.

Independence Day / Happy Fourth of July

Fireworks and Moon_8655_crop_edited-1

                                      Full Moon Fourth of July, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2012

For a change in the usual fireworks vantage point we moved back and up last year. That is, rather than watching from up close, we went to the top of the highest point in Broward County, Vista View Park, and watched multiple fireworks displays as they took place across the County. Although not as impactful as seeing a good display close-up, this did offer a new point of view.

The addition of the full moon was only possible when a cloud crossed in front of it, allowing the camera’s shutter to remain open long enough to capture several firework bursts without blowing out (over exposing) the moon. Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Back to the Sea…and it’s Changed / Dinner with a View

Blue Line Pier_7970_600w__edited-1

Blue Lines, Dania Beach, FL 2012

Having shot at this particular Pier many times over the years, there had long been an empty restaurant location at the beach end. In 2012 construction began on a new Restaurant. Shooting at sunset one night I noticed that they had installed some blue neon lighting near where the restaurant was being constructed and it eerily reflected blue lines on the surf below it.

Quarterdeck_9831 dark_600 w_

Dinner and a View, Dania Beach, FL 2013

At my most recent shoot at the location, the restaurant had been completed and was packed with diners. The Quarterdeck Restaurant at Dania Beach Pier, clearly offers Dinner and a View. It also changes a subject I have shot for a long time, opening up new possibilities for images… and great meals, in the future.

I’m in a New York State of Mind / Central Park in Color (Pre-Blizzard)

Dakota_6318_417 W

The Dakota from Central Park, New York City, NY 2013

Central Pk Bridge and Ducks Vert_6314_417 w

   Duck Race, Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City, NY 2013

Cardinal Under the Bridge, Central Park_6424_FINAL_600w

Cardinal Under the Bridge, New York City, NY, 2013

And here are some color images from Central Park (before the big snow they were just hit with) to compliment the Black & Whites of the park from my last post.

The Dakota image looked good in Black & white as well as in color, so I re-posted it here. Next, I was photographing the Bow Bridge in Central Park when two ducks raced towards me (they must have thought my camera was a bag of food).

Finally, as for the Cardinal under the Bridge, the beautiful red bird perched in front of the stone structure sits in a perfect location compositionally speaking, and makes the image more interesting. Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time…and there’s nothing wrong with a little good luck once in a while.

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Just a walk in the park…Central Park.

Dakota BW_6318_625 H FINAL

The Dakota, Black and White, NYC, NY 2013

Central Park Statue and Trees BW_6267_625 H

Statue and Trees, Central Park, NYC, NY 2013

Central Pk Tree Nik 6324_625 H

Bare Winter Tree, Central Park, NYC, NY 2013

Before leaving the Big Apple after my solo exhibition at 25CPW Gallery, I spent the last day shooting in Central Park. With a little help from our pedicab driver, we toured the park in his semi-motorized two-wheel rickshaw. Covered with a blanket to protect against the cold, we zipped through the park from Central Park South, north to Belvedere Castle. It was a cold winter’s day with totally gray skies, creating some photographic challenges and opportunities. I needed to cover the cloudless skies while capturing the muted light from the overcast day. Since I always try to bring natural elements into my images, even in the city, the tree branches became an intrical part of the shots.

First, The Dakota, where Beatle, John Lennon lived and was killed and where his wife, Yoko Ono still lives. Shot from atop Central Park’s Belvedere Castle, the bare winter trees created a perfect frame. Next, a statue and symmetric row of trees shows the elegance  that is the design of Central Park. Third, many of the trees in the park are beautiful within themselves, sometimes you just have to look up. For this type of shot, composition is key, as is filling the frame with the subject.

Bottom line, beautiful images can be created in all types of light, as long as you adjust, and compensate, for the specifics of the situation. Once you do that…it’s just a walk in the park.

If you build it…they will come / BSG Solo Exhibition in NYC closes.

Manhattan Portrait_6448 2

Manhattan Portrait, Central Park, New York City, NY 2013

I would like to thank all of the people who came to my Solo Exhibition at 25 CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC these last few weeks. Some were good friends, family and people I have met in the photography world. Many others were individuals that came because they love Fine Art Photography. Special thanks to my collectors, past and future and to the legendary photographer Robert Farber who came to my Artist Reception. I have included some images of the event taken by talented wedding/event photographer Vik Manchada

As usual, while in NYC for the show, after the gallery doors close…I create. I will post some of my new Cityscapes here and going forward. As those that have now seen my work in person know, I am known for the detail in my images. Hence, in the image above, the tourist on the right side of the bridge is taking a photo of her smiling friend standing on the bridge as I am taking one of them…and the city beyond. I always look for the Big Picture.

25CPW 1_4498

Entrance to 25CPW Gallery at Central Park West and 62nd St. NYC, NY

25CPW 2

              BSG Artist Reception, January 10, 2013 at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, NY

25CPW 6

25CPW 21

BSG with legendary photographer, Robert Farber at BSG’s Artist Reception

25CPW 36

25CPW 47

25CPW 81

25CPW 7

Until the next show…Thanks again.

BSG Solo Exhibition at 25CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC


After participating in a group show at 25CPW Gallery in December, I am having a Solo Exhibition at the gallery. This coming Thursday, January 10, 2013 will be the Artist Reception from 6-9 pm. The Gallery is located on Central Park West at 62nd Street, one block north of Columbus Circle. Anyone that is in New York at the time is very welcome to come by. Additionally, there will be gallery hours from 12pm to 8pm that weekend.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Evan’s Team, a foundation created in memory of Evan Lieberman, an amazing young man we lost in a tragic car accident.

BSG Extends Exhibition at 25CPW Gallery on Central Park West in NYC

Of the Wild_7626 FINAL

Select images from the Series: Of the Wild at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

Atmosphere_3718 FINAL

Select images from the Series: Atmosphere at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

FLOW_4620 crop

Select images from the Series: FLOW at 25CPW Gallery, NYC, December 2012

After initial participation in a group exhibition at 25CPW Gallery in NYC, the presentation of my work has been extended and the selection of images increased. For those that live in New York or happen to be vacationing there this week, the Gallery is at street level on the northwest corner of Central Park West and West 62nd Street. 25CPW is located just one block north of Columbus Circle which features the Time Warner Building and Trump International at the corner of Central Park West and Central Park South.

Situated in one of the most exclusive sections of New York City, my work is currently the only artwork featured at the gallery through the New Year and can be seen through both the Central Park West and West 62nd Street picture windows. To announce the exhibition, 25CPW’s website currently showcases my signature image, Niagara and contains the contact information for gallery hours and appointments.

GALLERY HOURS: The Gallery will be openWednesday (12/26) 5-8pm; Thursday 5-8pm; Friday 5-9pm; Saturday 3-9pm.

Thanks to Bess Greenberg, Founder/Curatorial Director; Abby Verbosky, Manager of Exhibitions and Matt Slater, who hung the exhibition, photographed it and will be at the Gallery showing the work.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

Closing Out 2012 in Grand Style – BSG Exhibiting @ 25CPW Gallery/NYC

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

Cab Ride in the Rain, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 2009

Closing out 2012 in grand style. I will be exhibiting work at 25CPW, the great New York City gallery located at Central Park West and West 62nd Street. Bess Greenberg, Founder/Curatorial Director and Abby Verbosky, Manager of Exhibitions run the gallery which has recently held a 100 year celebration of Editta Sherman’s celebrity portraits that was covered by ABC News and the New York Times. They have also mounted exhibits with the Magnum Foundation, the New York Camera Club and continue to show the work of established and emerging artists.

The Artist’s Market group exhibition will run from Thursday night through Sunday night. Gallery hours are 12 pm to 8 pm, with an Artist’s Reception Saturday night with live music from 6pm to 9pm (gallery will close at 10:00 pm).

I hope that all my NYC friends and anyone else that might like to see some interesting work, will stop by. Thank You.

Resilience / Proud to be a (Former) New Yorker / Hangin’ with Celebs

Images of Hahnemuhle’s Booth at PhotoPlus Expo 2012 at the Javits Center in NYC

All images (c) Hahnemuhle USA

Having grown up on Long Island and spent much time in Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, and New Jersey, I send my best wishes to all those effected by the recent storm. Having come from there, I know how resilient the people are. They will deal with the hassle and discomfort of no power and public transportation and make it through better and stronger. For those in Jersey it will be a tougher ride. Having been through hurricanes and having faced serious home damage, the bottom line is that it takes time, a great deal of time for any normalcy to return…but it does, eventually.

To celebrate past and future good times in the Big Apple, here are some images of the Hahnemuhle Booth at the PhotoPlus Expo the weekend before the storm at the Javits Center in New York City. My image Rush Hour, Grand Central Station (shown in my last post) was exhibited along with many great scenics and celebrity portraits. Also exhibited were E.J. Camp’s portraits of George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer;  Jerome Burnet’s image of Fergie, formerly of the Black Eyed Peas; Hawaiian images by Scott Mead, along with images by photographers R.C. Concepcion, Joel Pickford, Greg Boyer www.gregboyerphotography and Alex Geana All images are (c) each of the respective photographers.

Although I couldn’t make it up there personally, it was still nice “hanging” with you guys in New York City this weekend, and I look forward to doing so again in in the near future.

Hahnemuhle Paper Exhibits BSG Cityscape at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC

Rush Hour, Grand Central Station, NYC 2009

Every year during the last week in October, PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo to the Javits Convention Center in New York City (this year from 10/24-10/27). Photography seminars presented by many of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, presentations and appearances by some of the best-known photographers in the world and a huge exhibition floor displaying everything photographic. All the major names in camera equipment, printers, accessories, and photographic paper have booths set up for the 25,000 annual visitors that walk by.

A few years ago, while walking through the exhibition floor, I admired the outstanding prints exhibited by the major printer and paper companies such as Epson, Canon, and others, which were all created by well-respected photographers to showcase the quality of the respective products. As with many Galleries that I have visited, I promised myself I would do everything possible to see my images exhibited at PhotoPlus Expo in the near future. I have been printing most of my portfolio and gallery prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl, which has complimented my work and helped me impress the curators, collectors and gallerists that have juried my prints into shows. This year, I am honored that the 400 year old German Fine Art paper maker, Hahnemuhle, has chosen one of my Cityscapes, Rush Hour, Grand Central Station, NYC to exhibit in their booth at PhotoPlus Expo to showcase their fine product… You know what they say…you’ve gotta believe.

“Inverrary Falls” Included in Feature Shoot’s ‘Hometown’ Group Show

Inverray Falls, Lauderhill, FL 2011

For the second week in a row, one of my waterfall images has been chosen for exhibition, this time for the on-line group show on FEATURE SHOOT entitled ‘Hometown’ In stark contrast to the epic grandeur of the previously posted image ‘Niagara’ (juried into Exhibition at the Photo Center NW, Seattle by legendary collector, W.H. Hunt), Inverrary Falls (which is re-posted here) is actually a man-made water feature located at the entrance to the Broward County, Florida residential community named Inverrary. Formerly known for the late comedian Jackie Gleason’s Inverrary Classic Golf Tournament (now the Honda Classic currently played in West Palm Beach), my wonderful parents also lived there for many years. If you look closely at the image, you can see the white PVC piping of the lighting system towards the top and in between the two waterfalls. I captured this natural looking scene using a tripod on a cloudy day, which allowed me to blur the water with a slow shutter speed, as cars zoomed by in all directions behind me.

Feature Shoot is run by photo editor and curator Alison Zavos and showcases work from up-and-coming photographers alongside established photographers who have completed a project or whose work has taken on a new direction. The site covers commercial and fine art photography, and is a resource through which photo editors, art directors, art buyers, and people with an interest in photography can discover new talent. Established in 2008, Feature Shoot has an archive of over 1,000+ international photographers. In 2011, Feature Shoot was selected as a winner of’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards: ‘the Web’s 20 most compelling, most consistently insightful and surprising photography blogs.’

As an aside, recently I have been asked for advice from followers about how I have created a professional and well received photo blog. Although I will take credit for the imagery and the basics of the blog, a major factor behind the creation and social networking of Adventures From Behind the Glass has been Alison Zavos, who is available as a consultant in these areas and can be reached through the Feature Shoot website. In addition to running Feature Shoot, Alison is an active member of the broader photography community. She has reviewed portfolios for organizations such as ASMP, the Advertising Photographers of America and The Art Directors Club and has spoken on various panels discussing topics such as the impact of new media, marketing, press and photography blogs. In the summer of 2010, she curated Sea Change, a group show as part of the Wassaic Summer Festival, which featured work from 25 New York photographers. Zavos is also a regular contributor to PDN’s Emerging Photographer magazine. From my personal experience, she is extremely well versed in her areas of expertise,  always seems to be ahead of the newest trends and is a pleasure to work with.

It’s Not the Camera, But Who is Behind it – Dusk on the Maine Coast

Days End, New England, 2004

As a follow-up to my last post, here is another example of a unique composition that works, this one was created just before sunset along the rocky Maine coast. On a rare occasion, as here, I will crop an image slightly to better balance it. Since this was some early work, and having honed my compositional skills since then, I don’t often need to crop any more.

This is also an example of how beautiful lighting, here at the end of the day, makes or breaks an image. I always monitor the times for sunset (if not the sunrise), there are actually many apps for that. When I am shooting, I always try to be somewhere interesting just prior to sunset and plan to stay thereafter, because that is clearly the photographic magic hour.

Finally, although having a good camera is important, it is more important whose hands the camera is in. This image was shot on my first digital camera, a Canon Rebel, which featured 6.3 mega pixels. At the time, this would have been the entry level, consumer camera which I used to determine whether I would make the switch to digital. I have many remarkable images from this camera. Although they can’t be printed as large as those from a 21 mega pixel Canon 5D Mark II, they are still beautiful and show that the shooter is more important than his or her equipment.

Composition – Disregard the Photographic Rules

Niagara, 2006 (c) Barry Steven Greff 2012

One of my signature images, which was used to launch the blog, Niagara depicts how a unique composition can be extraordinarily powerful. The line of tourists on the bottom of the image were in Canada viewing the thundering falls in New York. The flying bird to their right was a (purposely) added bonus.

The composition of a photograph is just as important as the lighting, sometimes even more so. As can be seen from this image, as well as my last post (you can always click on the Blog Title to view all images), the photographic rules of composition were made to be broken. When I create an image I compose it according to what I feel about what is in front of me. The juxtaposition of the main subject, to the background and to anything else I choose to include. There needs to be a complete balance within the frame, every part of the image has to contribute to the whole picture, so to speak.

Often, this involves a great deal of negative space. If used improperly the image will seem imbalanced. When done right, you can create something unique, an image that goes against long standing photographic teachings, that violates the rule of thirds and often results in something very special. Sometimes I will shoot a scene utilizing varying compositions, the best of which is not always readily apparent in the viewfinder or LCD screen. Then, when editing the images, the most impactful composition becomes clear and it is usually the first one I saw which was also the most extreme variation from the norm.

So, the moral of the story is shoot from your heart, not your head. Experiment and disregard the traditional rules. Done right, you just might create and unexpectedly, powerful image.

Rainbow Sunset – Everglades City

Rainbow & Dock, Everglades City, FL 2009

Heading south from Naples, Florida along the southwest coast, one of the last populated areas (1,000 residents in 2011) is Everglades City. Known for stone crabs and environmental touring of the area, it is the northwest entry into Everglades National Park. On this particular summer evening I interrupted a casual waterfront dinner to capture this rare combination of rainbow and sunset.

  Sunset at the Docks, Everglades City, FL 2009

Rainbows come and go within a matter of minutes and are best captured as soon as they are seen (and preferably with a polarizing filter to bring out the colors). Additionally, the fleeting magic hour (actually sometimes just minutes) following sunset, often provides spectacular lighting for creating beautiful land and seascapes, but is also soon just a (hopefully recorded) memory.

Sweet Dreams – Sugar Refining in Florida

Emission Flight, Clewiston, FL 2012

In central South Florida, the landscape is dominated by sugarcane fields. Refineries here produce hundreds of thousands of tons of sugar each year worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Smoke stacks at the main refinery plants emit chemicals, which is largely waste from the burning of cane stems and other woody residue that creates fuel that runs the facilities. Many birds, including Vultures, hover near the site.

Sweet Dreams, Clewiston Sugarcane Fields, FL 2012

Prior to harvest, sugar cane covers much of the vast, flat landscape along U. S. Route 27 near Clewiston, Florida. Trucks can be seen barrelling down the highway carrying the harvested sugar cane to the plant for refining into crystal. Controlled burns in the fields are also a daily occurence and can be seen for miles, sending billowing clouds into the sky.

Cityscape – Tonight Belongs to PHANTOM

Tonight Belongs to Phantom, NYC 2008

Before moving on from my recent Cityscapes, here’s one more. When in the city to show my work to galleries, I always bring my camera out at night. Unique architecture, lights and iconic scenes can be found in most big cities, but having grown up in New York, it has a special place in my heart.

Having recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera always has a prominent presence amongst the sea of signs in New York City’s Times Square. A few years back, this grand billboard stood sentinel over the heart of Broadway and I shot it from center of the square. With spotlights eerily reflecting over the spooky subject of the show, this night definitely belonged to Phantom.

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President’s Day – Honest Abe – That’s Just Capital

Honest Abe, Washington DC 2005

A bit of a departure from my usual Fine Art work, a unique view of the Lincoln Memorial to remember President’s Day. Since a scenic is never far away…here’s That’s Just Capital. If you thought it didn’t look like the U.S. Capitol, you were correct. This is actually the Denver State Capitol Building in Colorado.

That’s Just Capital, Denver, CO 2008

Starting 2012 Off Right – 3 Images in Black White Exhibition at C4fap

           Touch the Sky, 30 Rock, NYC 2009                           Beaded Web, Weston, FL 2011

      Moonlit Sailboats, Coconut Grove, FL 2010

Starting off 2012 right, with three images chosen for the Black & White Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado. The exhibition was juried by Susan Spiritus of the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, CA

Susan Spiritus has been a leader in the field of fine art photography for over thirty years, opening the doors to her Southern California gallery in 1976 so that she could share her passion for photography with others. Today, the gallery handles the work of over fifty artists including photographic luminaries Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard and André Kertész. Also represented are many of today’s most popular and award-winning contemporary artists including Roman Loranc, Camille Seaman and Hiroshi Watanabe.

In addition to these three images (which have each individually appeared in prior blog posts here), Ms. Spiritus had previously chosen my image Moonscape, Matlacha, FL 2007 for the 2010 Dreams exhibition. This also marks the fifth exhibition in which my work has appeared at the Center for Fine Art Photography.

New for 2012 – South Beach Blues

South Beach Blues, Miami Beach, FL 2012

Starting off 2012 with a new image from my favorite vantage point in South Beach. While many others enjoy the street photography on Ocean Drive, I head to the southern-most tip of South Beach, south of 5th Street or SoFi. Tucked behind an ultra-exclusive neighborhood of high rise multi-million dollar condos, there is a beautiful strip of beach with South Pointe Park along Government Cut to the south and the Miami Beach oceanfront skyline to the north. This view north from the shoreline captures the buildings as they light up just after sunset, contrasted against the low, moonlit, blue tide.

I Built It, and They Came – Thanks for All the Blog Visits.

Rush Hour, Grand Central Station, NYC 2009

To show my appreciation for the many thousands of visits to my photo blog since launch, I move back to an image from my Cityscape series. This image of commuters moving between trains at rush hour through the main concourse of Grand Central Station was captured from a higher elevation at one end of the building. Not having a tripod with me, I needed to rest the camera on a concrete ledge and an article of winter clothing to raise the lens to the desired level. Steadying the camera was required to capture both the individuals that were stopped and blur those that were moving.

I greatly appreciate my blog visitors and will continue to post images that I hope you all enjoy…moving forward.

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