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Girl with Red Bow 6347 1000

Girl with the Red Bow, Rockefeller Center, NYC 2009

Getting a great image of skaters in Rockefeller Center is difficult considering the constant chaos on the ice. As skaters wait patiently for their group’s turn on the iconic rink, it also took patience to isolate this single young skater in perfect form as she was about to pass in front of the world famous statue of Prometheus. Her side lit red bow helps this image capture the essence of New York City during the holiday season.

While my Fine Art work is utilized for residential and commercial display, other, more commercial work could be exactly that which an Advertising Campaign needs to reach out and grab the attention of an envisioned target market.

A convenient service we offer allows the Art Buyer (in either circumstance) to provide us a theme or type of image that they are looking for and we create a single link to hundreds of images that could fit the bill. Makes your life easier and you look better…when together, we crush that ad campaign with just the right image or images, or satisfy that interior design client’s very particular print needs.

So, here’s hoping that in 2016 we can put my work…to work…for you.

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