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Winter Wonderland / Snow Scenes


Last Glimmer of Light, Winter Park CO 2007

Missing the snow and cold weather this winter, I am posting a couple of old favorites that I have previously posted. The trick with photographing snow is to not over-expose the white stuff. Best accomplished in overcast weather, make sure to keep the detail in snow by capturing edges, footprints or anything else that might break up the all white scene. The situation above was an exception to the rule. The very last glimmer of sunlight was disappearing behind the mountains and barely highlighted the far away peak. The low clouds and tree-line below makes this winter scene. In the printed image, you can clearly see snow on all the trees and the ridges in the snow on the peak.

Equine Snow Scene

Equine Snow Scene, Winter Park CO 2007

Above, this beauty stood alone in a fenced-in meadow with a bare forest behind. Seeing this perfect winter scene, I pulled over and captured the image before the animal moved and the composition was gone.

In December, the Colorado Rocky Mountains are truly a …winter wonderland.

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