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Sunset Mountain / (Almost) Missed Moments

Sunset Mountain Scene_4104_

Sunset Mountain, Winter Park, CO 2007

In contrast to my last post, other sunsets are spectacular. Case in point, we were driving to Winter Park from Denver a few years back and looking for the condo we were going to stay in for a few days. It was getting close to sunset and as a photographer who loves shooting landscapes, the last place you want to be when the sun is setting…is in a car.

We finally located the place and I ran inside to check the view (which is my primary requisite for any vacation rental) and there, through the wall of windows, I saw the scene above. I barely had time to grab my tripod and set up to shoot the scene when the beautiful sunset light was gone. I did manage to get off a few great captures in the brief moments I had before the light disappeared.

Moral of the story, even in photography (maybe especially in photography)…timing is everything.

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