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It’s Been a While – Jellyfish from the Series: FLOW


                                                    Ascencion, Newport, KY 2009


                                                   Full, San Francisco, CA 2009

Long having been a popular series, here are a couple of installments from FLOW: Isolated Portraits of Jellyfish. Each respective image in the series is named from the impression I get by the particular shape and form captured therein. As examples. in these two I see the first jellyfish ascending to the surface while the second seems to have a full bell of tentacles that are overflowing out. 

Shot through glass at various Aquariums around the U.S. the color and natural beauty of these magnificent creatures work well in commercial, residential and marine settings. Whether exhibited alone or in groups, the images can be traditionally framed as Fine Art prints or mounted on stainless steel behind acrylic (which really make the images pop).

Many more can be viewed at www.barrystevengreff.com in the portfolio entitled: FLOW.

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