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More Feral Cats from the Series: Born to be Wild

Feral Cat Gray cat Green Eyes FINAL_0417_

                                                     Gray Cat, Green Eyes, 2013

Feral Cat Vanilla_0295

                                                    Cream Cat, Cream Eyes, 2013 

Feral CatTwo Tone_5434

                                                Brown Cat, Yellow Eyes, 2013

More images from my new series of Feral Cats, Born to be Wild. Unique in their colors and eyes, they make for an interesting, albeit skittish subject. Feral Cats are domestic cats that are born in the wild. They are distinguished from stray cats, which are lost or abandoned pets. Although they are born and live outdoors without any human contact or care, they are sometimes adoptable and can be tamed by humans, provided they are removed from a wild environment before truly feral behaviors are established.

Although difficult to determine accurately, feral cats have been reported to live a median age of 4 years, with a maximum of about 8 years. By contrast, in captivity their pampered indoor male counterparts live an average of 12 to 14 years, with females on average, living a year or two longer. Hence, it pays to be kept… and female:) Just kidding…no letters/e-mails please.

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