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The Birth of a New Series / Feral Cats, BORN TO BE WILD

Black Cat AC_6931_straight FINAL_2_Nik 600 H

Black Cat, Aqua Eyes, 2013 

 Feral Cat Albino FINAL 9831

Albino, 2013

Cat Siamese Blue Eyes _6953

Siamese, Blue Eyes, 2012

Feral Cats are a breed of domestic feline that are born and/or survive outdoors rather than living as house pets. They either hunt for their own food or are fed by humans in their immediate surroundings. In South Florida, many of the local tourist venues that exhibit captive wildlife, also have Feral Cats living on the premises.

While shooting the formerly wild animals in many of these locations for the Series: Of the Wild, I noticed that in addition to the type of common cats you might see on the street, there were many with unique, even striking features. Eventually, I decided to do what I do best and capture the beauty of these hybrid, varied species of feline. As is my signature style, the images are shot outdoors in natural light, cropped tight to emphasize their personality as seen through their beautiful eyes and …on the animal’s terms.  Due to their wild nature, capturing the images is often challenging because they are very skittish subjects and don’t usually pose for the camera.

Nevertheless, for all cat lovers, witness the birth of a new series, Feral Cats, Born to be Wild.

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