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The Eye of the Tiger / Amur Tiger from OF THE WILD

Amur Tiger_edited-1

Amur Tiger, 2010

More from my series: OF THE WILD. Intimate, close-up portraits of animals, formerly wild, now in some form of captivity. Looking at them as they are looking at me. Additional images from the series can be seen at www.barrystevengreff.com in the Portfolio: Of the Wild.

My favorite animal has always been the Tiger. Majestic beauty, magnificent coat and as fierce as they get. Here, the Amur, or Siberian Tiger is the largest of the big cats and is primarily found in the far east of Russia. They have been known to grow more than 10 feet long (head to tail) and weigh more than 700 lbs. Although their numbers had declined in the past, it has been somewhat stable for the last decade thanks to conservation efforts.

The phrase “Eye of the Tiger” means to have laser focus on your goals, failure is not an option. Used in the Rocky films by the band, Survivor, it is clearly an anthem to live by when you want to get things done. Yo….Adrian.

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