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Under the Boardwalk Exhibited at FotoWeek DC in Washington DC

Under the Boardwalk, Deerfield Beach, FL (2010)

My Black and White image Under the Boardwalk is currently being exhibited during the FotoWeek DC festival in Washington DC from November 9-18, 2012. Created at night while I was positioned under the pier, the biggest challenge was capturing the long exposure to soften the water and then grabbing my tripod and camera before getting soaked from the incoming waves. This image was previously exhibited at the former Camera Obscura Gallery which was owned by the great photographer and gallerist, Hal Gould in Denver, Colorado.

Whether through fine art photography, photojournalism, or the work of emerging artists, FotoDC https://www.fotoweekdc.org/ provides a dynamic, evocative, engaging experience for photographers, cultural institutions, galleries, curators, schools, area residents, and tens of thousands of viewers. Founded as FotoWeekDC in 2008, the weeklong photography festival initially attracted 20,000 participants; including professional and amateur photographers, photography lovers, and partners such as National Geographic, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, and various local art galleries.  In 2009, the organization received non-profit status and began developing programs to include professional development and new exhibition venues. In response to demand for year-round programming, FotoWeek DC rebranded in 2011 to become FotoDC, and launched new programs to provide greater exposure for all photographers, new venues for exhibitions and new programs for students and youth. The annual Festival in November continues to be FotoDC’s largest project with over 40,000 attendees each year.

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