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Selective Focus – Elvis has left the building.

Elvis, 2012

In a new addition to my close-up animal portrait series Of the Wild, I created a classic black & white image of an American Alligator.

Not just any alligator, mind you… Anyone that remembers the classic TV show, Miami Vice, should recall Elvis, the alligator that lived on “Sonny Crockett” (Don Johnson)’s sailboat. As with many great animal actors, Elvis has retired to live out his days in a place where he is provided for. In this case, in South Florida at Flamingo Gardens in Davie. www.flamingogardens.org

Using selective focus with a long (400 mm) lens, I highlighted E’s eyes and left his menacing teeth soft, but clearly visible. The puddle that formed on his indented snout adds another dimension to the close-up portrait.

In South Florida you tend to see alligators, and not just in captivity. You can see them on the golf course, in the local canals and in your neighbor’s yard (better than in yours).  Although I usually use a long lens for these scary creatures, last weekend I had to tip toe past one that decided to park itself across the only path out of the section of Everglades National Park that I happened to be shooting in. http://1.usa.gov/8y8HyS

Nothing like a little excitement at the end of a day’s shoot.

Blocking the Path, Everglades National Park, 2012

One way out, getting dark…what would you do?

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