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Home Again – Reflection in Pink… Flamingo

Pink Reflection, Davie, FL 2012

After exhibiting several black and white scenics for the last few posts, I am switching it up here with an image that depicts both color and life. Although this is not one of my usual tightly framed close-ups, sometimes an environmental animal portrait begs to be captured.

The idea for this image stems from my childhood memories. Growing up on Long Island, NY, it was very common to see lawn statues, from elves to ducks to flamingos. So when I see a flamingo standing in water, it brings me back to those days gone by. This particular scene had some warm late afternoon lighting which rendered a reflection of the beautiful bird in the water before it.

I have recently discovered several great photographic locations in my own (current) neighborhood while shooting locally, none more so than the beautiful Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL. http://www.flamingogardens.org/ Magnificent trees, roaming peacocks and various other animals and birds on exhibition, this naturally rich and historic attraction is a great place to spend the day for anyone of any age. There are plenty of flamingos and ducks, but no elves…at least none that I have seen so far.

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