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Sea Design – Oregon Coast / EQUIVALENTS Exhibition opens in Seattle

Sea Design, Bandon, Oregon 2009

Pinnacles in the Mist, Olympic Peninsula, WA 2006

My blog posts are often inspired by current world events or my own personal observations and experiences. Most recently, a phone call to one of my best college buddies, wherein he told me he was off to Oregon, inspired a post on…Oregon. His son was ending a cross-country bike trek there to benefit affordable housing in the U.S. A great effort for a great cause deserves our attention…and contribution. http://bikeandbuild.org/rider/5653

As for the first image, from a casual seaside hotel I captured this scenic Black and White image of the pinnacles at Bandon Beach, Oregon. Having walked amongst the rocks during low tide, once the sea came back in it created this beautiful design along the beach.

The second scene, which was previously posted, I came across unexpectedly as I climbed atop a large pile of petrified wood that had floated ashore over time. Catching the fog, just before it lifted, this image captures the sole of this beautiful location.

A magnificent part of the country, the scenery and the local seafood alone make this area a great place to visit. The fact that you can find sand dunes, granite cliffs, pinnacles and old growth forest, all within a few hours drive of each other on the coast, in my humble opinion, makes this the greatest road trip in America.

P.S. GALLERY OPENING: As indicated in this PDN Photoserve News item at: http://bit.ly/T7bmhi, the Equivalents exhibition at the PhotoCenter NW Gallery in Seattle, WA opened this weekend. From over 2,000 entries, my image “Niagara” was juried into the exhibition by the legendary Curator and Collector, W.M. Hunt (who will speak on opening night at the Seattle Art Museum). The show will run from August 3rd to September 18th, 2012. http://bit.ly/SFsHxI (see image 61 of 65 on the Gallery website).

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