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Christmas in July – To the Mountaintop for a Walk in the Clouds

Glacier, British Columbia, 2004

                                                                Blackcomb Helicopter, British Columbia, 2004

Having seen various marketing ads this week featuring the concept of Christmas in July, I was inspired to post a cold image during the sweltering heat we feel here in South Florida at this time of year, and now being felt by much of the country as well.

Several years ago, on a trip to British Columbia, Canada, we took a helicopter flight to the top of a glacier near the resort town of Whistler with a company that is now known as Blackcomb Aviation http://www.blackcombaviation.com/. Landing and then walking around at what seems like the top of the world, the peace one feels standing in the clouds is inexplicable. After this experience, I knew where they came up with the term “walking on cloud nine” to describe the feeling of blissful happiness…that about describes it.

  1. August 1, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    Thank you. Come back often.

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