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Animal Portrait Series OF THE WILD Featured on TrendHunters.com

Lioness, 2012

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This week Trendhunter.com posted: http://bit.ly/KrAdfR

“The remarkable Barry Steven Greff ‘Of the Wild’ photography series is an amazing illustration of nature photography. Taken of cougars, lions, gorillas and more, the captures are one of the best ways to see beautiful animals close-up without fear of danger. The majestic animals are perfectly aimed, lit and captured.

Greff, an accomplished photographer in the fine art/commercial realm portrays the animal portraits in a straight-on, fierce and awe-inspiring manner. The very matter of fact photography is truly an incredible collection of the very best of nature and the animal kingdom.

The jaw dropping photography has earned Greff some prestigious awards and nominations throughout his career. Among some noted accomplishments include the Popular Photography Magazine 2010 award in the category of Great Wildlife Photographers and the International Photography Awards of 2008.”

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