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It’s Not the Camera, But Who is Behind it – Dusk on the Maine Coast

Days End, New England, 2004

As a follow-up to my last post, here is another example of a unique composition that works, this one was created just before sunset along the rocky Maine coast. On a rare occasion, as here, I will crop an image slightly to better balance it. Since this was some early work, and having honed my compositional skills since then, I don’t often need to crop any more.

This is also an example of how beautiful lighting, here at the end of the day, makes or breaks an image. I always monitor the times for sunset (if not the sunrise), there are actually many apps for that. When I am shooting, I always try to be somewhere interesting just prior to sunset and plan to stay thereafter, because that is clearly the photographic magic hour.

Finally, although having a good camera is important, it is more important whose hands the camera is in. This image was shot on my first digital camera, a Canon Rebel, which featured 6.3 mega pixels. At the time, this would have been the entry level, consumer camera which I used to determine whether I would make the switch to digital. I have many remarkable images from this camera. Although they can’t be printed as large as those from a 21 mega pixel Canon 5D Mark II, they are still beautiful and show that the shooter is more important than his or her equipment.

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