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Recap 2011 – The Sun Sets on Another Year

Front Row Seats, Torrey Pines, CA 2008

Not one for shooting sunsets and silhouettes, I did feel that this image of a couple watching the sun set from high atop a cliff, best depicted a (not so) fond farewell to 2011. In a year marred by two surgeries and their aftermath, my mobility was surely limited. Notwithstanding, I was pleased to have my work recognized as follows:

-Dreams Exhibition, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO, (Aline Smithson, juror);

-Artists Haven Gallery, (Wendy M. Blazier, Senior Curator, Boca Raton Museum of Art, juror);

-Portfolio Showcase Volume 5, Center for Fine Art Photography, (Chris Pichler, Publisher, Nazraeli Press, juror);

-PDN on-line, Photo of the Day (Amber Terranova, Editor);

-Featureshoot, one of LIFE’s 2011 Best Photo Blogs (Alison Zavos, Publisher/Managing Editor);

-The OPEN (“BSG is among other things, a master at close-up, intimate portraits of wildlife”);

-Freshly Pressed, Photo Blog: www.adventuresfrombehindtheglass.com, WordPress;

-SHUTTERBUG Magazine, Website: www.barrystevengreff.com, (Inspiring Images And Image-Makers, Joe Farace on BSG: “He’s created insightful works of great authority and style.”);

-The Photocloser (Frank Meo); getaddictedto.com; notcot.org, Light & Composition, etc.;

-Agency Access & Chatterbulletin (Louisa Curtis);

-Black & White Spider Awards, professional Fine Art nominee;

-added to exclusive private collections in New York City, Baton Rouge, LA, etc.;

-and starting January 2012 by inclusion in the book resulting from the Chris Pichler juried Portfolio Showcase No. 5 at C4fap.

I would like to thank all of the curators, publishers, editors and writers for their gracious support of my work in 2011 and here’s looking forward to a great 2012. Barry

…As I stated in an earlier post entitled Promise of a New Day which featured this next image:

At the fleeting moments of dusk, the sun shines a final stroke of light as it sets below the horizon. More important than the beauty each sunset exhibits, its greatest asset is …the promise of a new day.

*Happy New Year from Barry Steven Greff Photography*

Last Light, Torrey Pines, CA 2008

  1. December 29, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Awesome..today has been the sunsets day..i’ve seen many sunset pic’s uploaded..this is definitely one of the best..!! 🙂

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