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It’s an East Coast vs. West Coast Thing – Photographic Topography

Pinnacles in the Mist, Olympic Peninsula, WA 2006

Living in South Florida, much of my recent work features the topography of the Atlantic Coast shoreline. You have to travel north towards Rhode Island and Maine of coastal New England before you begin to find picturesque rock scenics on the East Coast. To the contrary, the West Coast of this country has some of the most spectacular rock formations on the planet. From Southern California (SoCal) north through Oregon and Washington, the waters get progressively colder, requiring a wet suit to swim, but the shoreline’s natural beauty becomes increasingly more breathtaking. Northern California, Oregon and Washington make up the Pacific Northwest, which is also my personal favorite location to create ethereal seascapes in the continental US.

Here, unlike the majority of the Atlantic Coast (the NE corner is clearly an exception), cliffs, rock formations and pinnacles are abundant, creating a dream environment for any landscape photographer. Add in frequent mist and fog and you have the  potential for creating a classic body of work. Such was the case for this image, Pinnacles in the Mist. When traveling in the PNW, before I was using GPS, we followed the map to any roads that might bring us closer to the Pacific. On this occasion, after driving miles off the main road toward the sea, we came across a parking lot stacked with petrified trees that had accumulated over time after being washed ashore. I climbed to the top of the wood, to find this scene. I had just enough time to get off one or two frames, when the fog lifted and the scene changed completely. You know what they say, timing is everything (they also say “location, location, location” which also tends to apply in the “business” of creating Fine Art images.

Early in my career, the renowned photographer, Joyce Tenneson saw this image and called it “gorgeous.” After hearing that comment (and regaining my balance) I realized that I was heading in the right direction. Wherever I am I will continue to strive to create iconic images, from whatever Mother Nature places before me.

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