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Eyes of Fire

Goldeneyes, FL Panther, 2008

Having spent the last few posts on Seascapes, it was time to get back to my series, Of the Wild. It is in various forms of captivity that I find the animals and birds for this series. They are protected from me and I am protected from them. My images capture the life force that is simultaneously controlled; yet untamed. I am drawn to their eyes as that draws the viewer into the frame. The framing device jolts the viewer from reading the images as a cliché. By abstracting the eye or face from the rest of the body, I force an intimate exchange of energy and focus between the image and the viewer. The images make us confront the dignity, personality and identity of these magnificent creatures and remind us why they so desperately need our protection.

This fiery portrait of the endangered Florida Panther was captured at a refuge in the Everglades. The late afternoon lighting that allowed me to capture these incredible eyes was gone as quickly as it had come. A long lens and great patience helped me create this portrait that has been recognized in International photography competitions and exhibited in Galleries. I also like to think that I have some photographic fire…in my eyes.

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