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Back to the Sea

Soft Surf, Deerfield Beach, FL 2011

Anyone actually reading my blogs would know that this has been a rough year for me physically. Although I am still dealing with the situation, after six months I finally picked up my camera, more to raise my spirits than anything else. To me, there is nothing like the ebb and flow of the sea as it makes its way to and from the shore, to soothe the sole and lift the spirits. So, it is no surprise that the first time I ventured out after a  lengthy, medically induced, hibernation, I would migrate to the ocean.

As I have often done before, for this image I waited until just before sunset to park myself, my camera and tripod in the surf. Not having been to this spot for so long, the topography had changed significantly. The Florida beaches continuously erode and are routinely replenished with sand by local city governments. Since my favorite rock formations on this beach had recently been (temporarily) covered, I moved north to a set that had already been exposed by the constant rush of the surf.

This image causes an optical illusion. From afar it may look like a Seascape that features a soft cloud formation in the sky above. it doesn’t. There is no sky in this image, the soft pattern at the top of the image is the tide coming in, the sky was purposely left out of the frame.

So, after a long an arduous layoff, which is still not over by a longshot, at least I know I can get back on the horse. I know that nothing I am handed in life will kill my passion for creating beautiful images, nothing will damper my photographic spirit. And eventually, nothing, but nothing, will keep me from coming…back to the sea.

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