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Monumental Vision.

                                          American Dream, Washington DC, 2005

On a brief visit to Washington, DC we rushed through as many monuments, museums and memorials as possible. Epic reminders of the nation’s history are apparent around every corner. Staring up at the stoically seated Abraham Lincoln, or across the Mall to the Washington Monument, you can feel the greatness upon which this country was built.

Having run out of time to see anything else, we headed across the Potomac River on our way out of town. Not knowing when I might visit this historic place again, I glanced over my shoulder for one last look. It was then that I saw the statue of Thomas Jefferson, from behind and between the impressive marble columns of his memorial, standing sentinel over the nation’s capital.

Capturing this scene, I could only imagine the monumental vision he, and so many more that are remembered here, had, in creating the…American Dream. Happy Birthday America. July 4, 2011.

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