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Happy Father’s Day

                                                       Parental Guidance, 2010

Of all the roles I have had in my life, it is my role as a father, of which I am most proud. If you take this role seriously, as I have and we all should, it is a life changing experience for both you and your children. When you take on the task of a child’s life, there is no greater responsibility. It is a lifelong journey that entails significant effort and sacrifice, but reaps tenfold rewards.

Your love and attention are required from an early age, but when you give it, what you get in return is priceless. You teach them life lessons, but as the years pass, you learn far more from them than you could ever imagine. You provide guidance, but stand back as they blaze their own path in life. As they mature you provide advice and support, but soon marvel as they begin to offer invaluable insight to you.

Your life’s efforts are rewarded as they grow into productive young adults, to eventually become great parents themselves. You take immense pride in knowing that your greatest legacy is not what you have done at work, or even the art you may have created, but that you have positively contributed to the life of your children, and seen them blossom into everything you could have hoped for, and more.

And when that time comes, as it has for me, you can sit back and have…a very Happy Father’s Day.

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