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Nature’s wrath.

                                                 Pouring Sky, Coeur d’Alene, ID 2010

As a follow-up to Earth Day and in light of the string of devastating Tornadoes that have hit the southern US recently, I post a reminder: Respect not only the beauty of Mother Nature, but her awesome power, for which we are no match.

The weather scenario that is the subject of Pouring Sky reached nothing like the powerful funnel clouds that routinely wreak havoc further south and have caused untold devastation this week. Notwithstanding, this system formed from an otherwise calm dawn sky, somewhat instantaneously, and with very little warning. To me, this simply serves as a reminder as to how quickly a weather event can occur, that we must always be vigilant and have the utmost respect for Mother Nature’s mood swings.

In the meantime, let’s help those that have been affected by the recent rash of storms by donating to the Red Cross at http://www.redcross.org. Pour your hearts out.

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