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March comes in like a Lion…

                                                         King of Beasts, 2008

…and goes out like a Lamb.

Ewe you lookin’ at me? California, 2009

Following this Blog, you can tell that I am passionate about capturing the natural beauty of the Earth. By this post you can see that I am not a one trick pony. I am equally passionate about  making intimate portraits of the Earth’s inhabitants,  just not the human kind. When shooting locations I also search out refuges wherein I can spend time creating close-up portraits of formerly wild animals. In my series, Of the Wild, I seek to capture the life force of my subjects that is simultaneously controlled; yet untamed. As seen in King of Beasts, I seek to confront the dignity, personality and identity of these magnificent creatures and remind us why they, like the planet, so desperately need our protection.

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