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Blessed on the beach.

Barry Steven Greff Photography South Beach Florida Seascapes
A Moment to Remember, South Beach, FL 2011

In a previous Post I’ve talked about running into wild animals while shooting in the wilderness. Now, here was something completely different. At the southernmost tip of South Beach (Miami Beach, FL), is South Pointe Park, a newly renovated park and walkway that stretches along  Government Cut, which is the shipping lane by which the cruise and cargo ships reach the Atlantic Ocean from the Port of Miami. The location is frequented by SOBE residents and tourists alike.

At the eastern end of the park is a large rock jetty that stretches out to sea and is one of my preferred  shooting locations at day’s end in South Florida. At this particular sunset, I was shooting on the beach at the water’s edge and I was approached by a vacationing Rabbi and his wife. A wonderful, elderly gentleman, he had a flowing gray beard and a full length black coat while his wife also wore traditional garb. The next thing I knew I was being chatted up by these two very interesting people while (not wanting to lose the fleeting light) still photographing the scene. I always shoot the people watching the sun setting from the jetty, and this evening was no different (except for the unexpected conversation).

Eventually, I offered to assist the couple from the beach and down the walkway to their car. Over the sound of the surf, I am sure I heard the religous man bless me for my efforts. The return trip took us directly through the back patio of Smith & Wollensky steakhouse (http://www.smithandwollensky.com/locations/miami_beach_steakhouse.htm). Carrying my tripod, camera gear and with the Rabbi and his wife in tow, I can only imagine what type of photo shoot the diners thought I had just conducted.

When editing my images later that night, the blessing became apparent when I came across this capture, wherein a couple on the jetty embraced at the moment a huge cruise ship passed them by. In the magic of the image, the light from the moving ship slightly wraps around their warm embrace. Clearly, the couple wanted to remember this special moment, as did I.

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