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The Lost Coast / Where Heaven Meets Earth

Lost Coast

Where Heaven Meets Earth, Lost  Coast, CA 2009

To get to this pristine paradise in Humboldt County, California, one needs to hike in from either the north or south. There are no roads for a 25 mile stretch, hence the name “Lost Coast.”

On this particular day, the low clouds drifted in and practically touched the Sea…the closest I have come to a place where Heaven meets Earth.

BSG Exhibits ASCENSION at The Center for Fine Art Photography

Ascension 418W medium 5

Ascension, Newport, Kentucky, 2009

Ascension, from the Series: FLOW, is currently being exhibited in the Natural World exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO

The exhibition runs from April 12 through May 17, 2014 with a reception on Friday, May 2, 2014 from 6-9. Speaking at the reception will be juror, Susan Spiritus, owner of the prestigious Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport, CA.

Susan Spiritus has been a leader in the field of fine art photography for 38 years, opening the doors to her Southern California gallery in 1976 so that she could share her passion for photography with others.

Today, the gallery handles works by such photographic luminaries as Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Eikoh Hosoe, André Kertész, Paul Caponigro, Brett Weston and George Tice.

The esteemed Ms. Spiritus has previously chosen one of my images for the 2010 Natural World exhibition and three images for the Black and White exhibition in 2012.






My, What Beautiful Eyes

Big Bird_1937_FINAL 3_edited-1

Osprey, 2013

The Osprey is an unusual species of raptor in that it can be found worldwide in temperate and tropical regions of all continents except Antarctica, second in distribution only to the Peregrine Falcon. The Osprey can reach two feet long and almost six feet across across the wings. This impressive specimen seemed every bit that size.

During a drive through Everglades National Park, we came across this magnificent creature perched on a mangled tree near the side of the road. I know from experience that with wild birds, start shooting from your first sighting position, because each has there own level of tolerance as to when they will take flight. It is also best practice to use the longest lens possible so as not to disturb the wildlife. Here, using a long 400mm Canon L lens, I was able to capture the beautiful yellow eyes, feather detail, talons, beak and tongue from a safe distance.

While their tongues provide ventilation as well as modulation for calling to other birds, their impressive talons allow them to capture fish as they swoop down from the sky and across the surface of a body of water. Once the fish are secured, Ospreys can be seen in flight, carrying their prey somewhere safe to eat. On this occasion the Osprey itself was the (photographic) prey, I captured his image and took it somewhere safe to …post on my blog.




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BSG Exhibits Niagara at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont


Niagara, 2006

One of my signature images, Niagara, 2006 is included in the Black and White Exhibition at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont. PhotoPlace Gallery’s mission is to support contemporary fine art photography as a means of creative expression and cultural insight.

The Exhibition runs from March 28 through April 25th. The Exhibition Catalog is available at:

Black and White was juried by Karen E. Haas, Lane Curator of Photographs, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Niagara has also been juried into exhibitions around the U.S. by legendary collector and curator, W.M. Hunt as well as iconic Fine Art Photographer Joyce Tenneson


Spring has Sprung / Road to the Sea

Road to the Sea CA _0769_FINAL Dfine FINAL 800W

Road to the Sea, California Coast, 2009

To commemorate the beginning of spring, I posted the image above, Road to the Sea.

Along a dirt and gravel road, spring flowers guide the way for surfers heading to the ocean. On this relatively calm day the sky was filled with beautiful clouds. This particular road beckoned  to be captured  in a photograph, because for me, it epitomizes  how I am always, and forever…drawn to the sea.

Back to the City / Essex House

1 Essex House_ 4063_418 w

Essex House, NYC, 2012

After the Gallery hosting my Solo Exhibition in NYC closed for the night, I grabbed my camera and hit the streets.

Shot from Central Park, this was a new take on a classic hotel, and has become a great addition to my series: Cityscapes. Other images in the series can be viewed at:

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For the Birds / Florida Keys Bird Rescue

Pelicans 3 FINAL 0453_800w

Pelican Bay, Florida Keys 2013

Pelican_4600_FINAL_418 w

Brown Pelican, 2012

Many of my animal images are captured at wildlife rescues which offer two distinct advantages for me. First and foremost, hopefully my images and their attention, shine some light on the plight of the animals and gain support for the rescue locations. Second, it gives me an opportunity to get close to animals that are usually more elusive in the wild. (Although Pelicans, as in the second image captured elsewhere, often are used to people and won’t fly off until you are right next to them).

 The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center/Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary is one example of such a rescue facility, located at  93600 Overseas Hwy (Mile Marker 93.6) in Tavernier in the Florida Keys. In the case of the FKWBC, there is an opportunity to see birds while being rehabilitated and after they have been released, since some stay close to home for a while.

The Sanctuary as well as many other animal rescues are listed in my Blog Roll to the right with links to their websites. Anyone wishing to know more, details on visiting or just wanting to donate to their great causes is encouraged to do so. They are the front- runners in the difficult but noble task of protecting many of Mother Nature’s endangered creatures and they deserved to be recognized….and supported.

Winter Snow / Neverending Story

1000 Snowstorm_8752_edited-3

Momentary Blizzard, OH 2013

61 Prone Wolf

Gray Wolf in Snow, Prone, West Yellowstone, 2010

Having grown up in the Northeast and traveled throughout the West, I am no stranger to snow and snowstorms. Not having left South Florida this winter, I am relegated to the TV to see the relentless barrage of snowstorms a large portion of the country has been subject to.

Here are a couple of images created over the years as the snowflakes fell (or blew in the case of the first image)… thinking about those effected by the continuing storms and hoping they make it through to the thaw.

Storm Frame

Markham Framed BW_9432_edited-2

Storm Frame, Sunrise, FL 2012

As a storm approaches the tree line at Markham Park in Sunrise, FL, the clouds, rain and trees are reflected in the lake, creating a frame around the scene. In South Florida the weather changes rapidly so compositions such as this need to be captured as they happen, because within seconds…they are gone.

Presidents Day 2014

Lincoln Memorial BW Antique

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 2005

SERIES: The Roads Less Traveled / The Vanishing Point

ROADS Country Road_0650

Country Road, East, Florida 2013

For as long as I have been creating images, I have been intrigued by the concept of the “vanishing point.” Railroad tracks, roads, pathways, all leading to the unknown. Here are a couple of country roads exemplifying the concept, one in the eastern U.S. and one in the western U.S.

To me, the series I have entitled: The Road Less Traveled, speaks not to where I have been…but to where I am going.

ROADS Shadow Lane 800w

Country Road, West, Colorado, 2009

Capitol Snow


Denver Capitol in Snow, CO 2008

All the news about extreme weather in the Northeast and Midwest, got me thinking about images I have created in snow over the years.

With that in mind, as well as the constant barrage of political news, here is an image that combines the two but represents an example of a(n image of) Government…that actually works. The added fog is a metaphor for, …well you know.

To the Moon / Different Perspectives

zzz Sunset Moon_7432 2

Super Moon, 2013

When I capture the moon in images, I either make it the focal point, or a punctuation. In the top image, utilizing a long lens, I caught the glowing super full moon behind pink dusk clouds, shortly after sunset.

Below, early morning shell seekers comb the Sanibel, Florida seashore just after sunrise, as a full moon sets behind them.

zzz Sanibel Moonwalkers 8221_edited-1

Moon Walkers, Sanibel, FL 2013

New for 2014 / First Sunset Seascape

z Ft Laud Bch 1st Sunset 9827 Nik_lite

First Sunset, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL  2014

On my first opportunity to shoot a sunset Seascape in 2014, I came across this combination of clouds and fading sunlight off of Ft. Lauderdale Beach. I added some foreground interest with a bit of beach and sea grass, and some slight motion to the waves, resulting in a painterly effect.

Hopefully, the promise of this scene, and the new day to follow…are a sign of good things to come.

Best of 2013 / 10 Favorites from the Past Year

1 417 w Waterfall Milton closeup 7524 BW

Waterfall, Milton, OH 2013

2 HH Lower Falls_7963

Lower Falls, Hocking Hills, OH 2013

3  Deerfield Bch Vert_8066 Nik FINAL_edited-1

Ebb and Flow, Deerfield Beach FL 2013

4 Beautiful Storm US 27 Vert_6733

Thunder Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2013

5 Feral Cat Gray cat Green Eyes FINAL_0417_

Gray Cat, Green Eyes, 2013

6 Bird_2211_edited-1

Caracara, 2013

7 Flamingo Feather Fire_9970_

Flamingo Fire, 2013

8 July 4th BBT 5486_

July 4th Fireworks, 2013


Moon and Stars, 2013

10 NYC WTC Memorial 6050

Never Forget, 911 Memorial, 2013

Before it gets too much further into the new year, here are some of my favorites from 2013.

Looking forward to creating more in 2014.

Back to the Sea Again / Some Late 2013 Seascapes

Gilberts House of Refuge_FINAL 6267 800

Pink Sunset, Hutchinson Island, FL 2013

Gilberts House of Refuge FINAL_6506 800

Gilbert’s House of Refuge, Hutchinson Island, FL 2013

Dogfight on Beach FINAL_Sat 6596_800

Dog Fight, Hutchinson Island, FL 2013

Starting off the new year by posting some late 2013, unpublished Seascapes. My favorite beach to photograph is on Hutchinson Island, north of Palm Beach in Jensen Beach, Stuart, FL. With rock formations and regular high surf, in my humble opinion it is one of the best, if not the best, place to create seascapes in South Florida.

Here are some images that I captured there during the magic light of one 24 hour period.

In 2014, I’m sure I’ll be back to the sea… again.

P.S. My New Years resolution is to significantly increase the number of collectors of my Fine Art Prints. So…if you, or anyone you know is looking for iconic sea, land or cityscapes, or intimate portraits of animals or jellyfish…send them to or e-mail

Here’s to 2014.

Happy New Year from Barry Steven Greff

Torch Run Keystone 800

Torch Run, New Years Eve, Keystone, CO 2007


July 4th BBT 5486_

Fireworks No.1, 2013

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Happy Holidays from Barry Steven Greff

Whether you are in the COUNTRY, or the CITY…

Lit Tree, Winter Park_2

Lit Tree, Winter Park CO 2007


Ornaments Color 585 w

Ornaments, New York City, 2012

Winter Wonderland / Snow Scenes


Last Glimmer of Light, Winter Park CO 2007

Missing the snow and cold weather this winter, I am posting a couple of old favorites that I have previously posted. The trick with photographing snow is to not over-expose the white stuff. Best accomplished in overcast weather, make sure to keep the detail in snow by capturing edges, footprints or anything else that might break up the all white scene. The situation above was an exception to the rule. The very last glimmer of sunlight was disappearing behind the mountains and barely highlighted the far away peak. The low clouds and tree-line below makes this winter scene. In the printed image, you can clearly see snow on all the trees and the ridges in the snow on the peak.

Equine Snow Scene

Equine Snow Scene, Winter Park CO 2007

Above, this beauty stood alone in a fenced-in meadow with a bare forest behind. Seeing this perfect winter scene, I pulled over and captured the image before the animal moved and the composition was gone.

In December, the Colorado Rocky Mountains are truly a …winter wonderland.

Truth, Justice and the American Way / Gone Too Soon

Eagle FINAL 418w_edited-1

American Eagle, 2009

This one is for Richard. Our friend, colleague and all around great guy.

The message he left us will always be true…that he is out fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

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Art Basel Miami / Dark Descent

Dark Descent

Dark Descent, Niagara Falls, NY 2006

This week is Art Basel Miami Beach. The largest Fine Art Gallery on the Planet lasts from Tuesday, December 3rd through Sunday, December 8th. Additional Art venues can be found in huge tents such as Art Miami, Red Dot, Spectrum, Miami Project, and other pop-up and semi-permanent sites such as Aqua, etc., around Miami Beach and Wynwood.

Above is my tribute to the international Fine Art vibe of this week. Shot from a great distance away and lit by the numerous spot lights focused on the falls, the water plummets into the abyss creating an explosion of mist. The image has traveled as far as China, at least via the internet. Although the title was changed to reflect their cultural differences, I still appreciate the International exposure..

Happy Thanksgiving / White Farm from The Magical Midwest

OH White Farm Sat_7524

White Farm, OH 2013

From the series: Magical Midwest

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, 2013.

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Lightning Strikes Twice / Bringing the Heat

Lightning Hollywood Lake BW High Structure_0240_edited-1

Strike Right, Hollywood, FL 2013

An uncommon late November lightning storm reminded me of how much I enjoy capturing lightning strikes. Unlike many other photographers that shoot lightning, rather than simply concentrating on the bolts themselves, I seek to make the strikes an integral part of the composition of the image. In order to do this it is essential to monitor the storm, its direction and the timing between flashes. Since Florida storms tend to move quickly, all of the above needs to be done quickly, and safely. The image above was captured from across the North Lake in Hollywood, Florida after the height of the regular summer lightning storms.

Fl Everglades Lightning FINAL

Lightning, Florida Everglades 2010

Following a storm approaching through the Florida Everglades, I captured this scene with bolts on both sides of the tree as the storm moved. At night, as in the Hollywood image, a tripod and remote cable release allow you to leave the shutter open in order to capture the strike. In the Everglades image, it was still daytime and without a Lightning Trigger (that captures lightning during the day), I had to improvise. Counting seconds between strikes I was able to capture three different bolts in separate images as the storm moved. The black vultures in the tree were unfazed by the strikes and were an added bonus in the final images.

Luckily for me, lightning strikes… more than twice.

Oldie but Goodie / Pier and Crescent Moon

Naples Pier and Crescent Moon_1090_Sat_edited-1

Sunset Pier and Crescent Moon, Naples, FL 2008

Although images of sunsets and silhouettes are all too common, tweaking the usual formula can result in something different.

In this image, the lavender sky was reflected in the long exposed soft movement of the Gulf of Mexico. Then, the thin slice of Crescent Moon just above the Pier helped make this sunset silhouette.. a little bit more distinct.

Good Vibrations / Back to Color / Indian Blue Peacock Profile

Peacock 8165_profile horiz 800w

Indian Blue Peacock, Profile, Davie, FL 2012

As rare and beautiful as a White Peacock is (see last post), to me there is nothing more spectacular than a perfect specimen of  the more common, male, Indian Blue.

The best time to photograph them is during mating season when they are showing off their magnificent plumage to the far less colorful females. Upon spotting a potential mate, the males back up toward the females, spread their feathers and shake them rapidly, as if vibrating (no pun intended).

To capture the brilliant colors of this creature, the best light is not bright sunlight, but cloudy or overcast lighting that brings out the richness of the blues and greens. Here I used depth of field to separate the two sides of feathers from the neon blue neck, creating a unique and interesting composition.

So, when it comes to photographing passionate Peacocks on a cloudy day, I am clearly a …fan.


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Rare Bird / White Peacock

White Peacock Full _9017_edited-1

White Peacock, Davie, FL 2013

Peacocks are known for their brilliant colors, especially the males, who open and fan their long tail feathers to get the attention of females.

A much more rare example of this beautiful peafowl is the White Peacock.  These are not albino but a color variation of the India Blue Peacock. They start off yellow as chicks and turn all white as they mature. This particular male lives at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. While all of the others are “Blue” or the colored birds more commonly seen, this bird stays away from the rest as if it were not welcome.

A sad commentary on the isolation of being different… yet no less beautiful.

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East and West / Sunset Seascapes

Sunset Dania Bxh vert_0032_FINAL

Dusk, Dania Beach, FL 2013

Sanibel Sunset Rocks Vert_6279

Sanibel Sunset, Sanibel-Captiva, FL 2013

In South Florida, the driving distance from the East to the West Coast is about 2 hours. In the East, the Atlantic Ocean routinely has bigger wave activity then it’s sister coast, which is the calmer, usually flat, Gulf of Mexico.

In these two particular Sunset Seascapes, the tidal activity is reversed with a calm Atlantic and an unusually rough Gulf tide. Both shot just after sunset, the reflected sunlit clouds show that, although the sun always sets in the West, Mother Nature does not play favorites.

On any given day she can provide you with a great show on either coast… You just have to be there to see what happens.

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Old Man’s Cave / More Falling Water

Old Mans cave _8006 418w

Cascade through Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, OH 2013

For more Black and White falling water, I go to this misty image of a hard flowing cascade through Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park Standing just past the safety barrier (don’t try this at home) to get the best composition, I held the tripod still on the slippery rocks as the thunderous water rushed past me and the rain fell.

Lucky to not lose any equipment (or my life), when you have the rare opportunity to find yourself in a special place like this, you have to make the most of it.

Additional images of this, and of surrounding areas, can be found at in the Portfolio entitled Magical Midwest.

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Rebuilding in Boulder / Granite Flow

Granite Flow

Granite Flow, Boulder, CO 2008

The image above was created at Boulder Falls, outside Boulder, CO during a light rain. The overcast weather created muted light to enable a tripod-assisted long exposure. The light rain accented the gray granite rocks through which the water cascaded.

After catastrophic flooding in and around the Boulder, CO area recently, the re-building efforts are taking place. The rising water destroyed homes, roads and communities in areas that serve as gateways to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Anyone wishing to help can do so at: .

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Welcome Fall / The Gold Standard

Gold Standard FINAL

Gold Standard, Steamboat Springs, CO 2008

Welcome, Fall. Wish I was there.


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